MTV Movie Awards 2009 : 'Twilight' Among the Early Winners

'Twilight' has started to show its domination at this year's MTV Movie Awards by nabbing three prizes, Breakthrough Male Performance for Robert Pattinson, Best Fight and Best Kiss.

2009 MTV Movie Awards is on and it is unraveled that "Twilight" has been announced among the early winners. On the ceremony held at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, California, the popular vampire drama has taken away three of the golden popcorn statuettes for Breakthrough Male Performance, Best Fight and Best Kiss.

2009 BEST MOVIE -Twilight-
2009 BEST FEMALE PERFORMANCE -Kristen Stewart-

2009 BEST KISS -Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson -
2009 BEST VILLAIN -Heath Ledger-
2009 BEST FIGHT -Vampire Showdown: Robert Pattinson vs. Cam Gigandet -
2009 BEST WTF MOMENT -Amy Poehler: Peeing In The Sink -
2009 BEST SONG FROM A MOVIE -”The Climb” by Miley Cyrus -
2009 GENERATION AWARD -Ben Stiller-

The Breakthrough Male Performance was nabbed by its leading man Robert Pattinson, who overshadowed fellow nominees, Taylor Lautner, Ben Barnes, Dev Patel and Bobb'e J. Thompson. Meanwhile, for the Best Fight, the award went to the battle between Pattinson and his co-star Cam Gigandet.

As for the Best Kiss prize, Pattinson shared it with co-star Kristen Stewart. They beat out Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy of "Wanted (2008)", Freida Pinto and Dev Patel of "Slumdog Millionaire", James Franco and Sean Penn of "Milk" and Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron of "High School Musical 3: Senior Year".

Other announced winners so far include Ashley Tisdale, Amy Poehler and Miley Cyrus. Ashley brought home the Breakthrough Female Performance for her role as Sharpay Evans in "High School Musical 3", while Poehler scored Best WTF moment for her "Peeing in the Sink" scene in "Baby Mama" and Cyrus won Best Song title for her "The Climb" track in "Hannah Montana: The Movie".

The 2009 MTV Movie Awards is aired live by MTV from the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, California starting at 9 P.M. ET on Sunday, May 31. "Saturday Night Live" star Andy Samberg serves as the host with musical performances from Kings of Leon and Eminem.

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Wanna have 5,000 diamonds for free ??

TOKYO (June 1) — French jewelry store Mauboussin on Monday morning handed out pieces of 0.1 carat diamonds, worth 5,000 yen each, for free. A long queue formed in front of the store before its opening at 9 a.m., and the stock of 5,000 diamonds quickly ran out before noon.

This event was held for the brand’s promotion as customers are reducing the amount they spend on luxury jewelry in the current economic downturn.

For customers who want their free diamonds to be made into rings or pendants, the store is accepting such requests—for a fee of 50,000 yen.

“A value of a diamond doesn’t go down. And you never get tired of a diamond,” said Noriko Suzumaru, a 39-year-old housewife, who jumped on a train from the nearby city of Kawasaki to stand in line after seeing the deal on TV news.

Established in 1827, Mauboussin has six stores in Japan, with the Ginza store having opened this February. The flagship Ginza store is on one of the most expensive pieces of real estate in Japan, in February.

But the store had often been empty because its name, though associated with international celebrities, isn’t widely recognized among Japanese. Many still don’t even know how to pronounce Mauboussin (“Mo-bu-SAN”).

Trend-loving Japanese have also stood in lines for products like Apple Inc’s iPhone, the egg-shaped toy Tamagotchi and countless video games. So drawing lines in Tokyo has become a signature way businesses drum up publicity.

When Swedish clothing retailer Hennes & Mauritz, or H&M, opened its first Tokyo stores last year, they drew lines for weeks, but the lines have since disappeared.

“We hope to blow away the recession and provide an opportunity for people who are holding back on spending to have fun shopping and glow even more with beauty,” Mauboussin said in a statement.

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Jumbo jet packed with British tourists seconds from disaster after it fails to rise on take-off

Hundreds of passengers narrowly avoided disaster when their plane nearly crashed after taking off.

The British Airways plane shook violently and did not rise more than 30ft above the ground as it set off from Johannesburg to London.

The pilot has been praised for his quick actions in keeping the Boeing 747 in the air, saving the lives of the 256 passengers on board.

Travelling at 200mph, he dumped enough fuel for the aircraft to eventually gain height, before returning it to the airport.

It is believed that a technical fault caused the plane to go into landing mode so that the flaps that normally make it rise did not work.

An investigation is under way as to how the jet came so close to crashing.

A BA spokesman said: 'As a precaution BA56 Johannesburg to Heathrow flight on Monday May 11 returned to the airport shortly after take-off due to a suspected technical problem.

'The Boeing 747 aircraft with 256 passengers on board landed safely and the customers disembarked as normal into the airport.

'We are cooperating fully with the South African aviation safety authority's investigation into the flight.'

Referring to the pilot's quick actions, he added: 'Our crews are trained extensively to deal with all eventualities.'

In June last year, a BA plane travelling from Beijing crash-landed short of a runway at Heathrow, ripping off its undercarriage. All passengers and crew escaped.

Last week it emerged that BA lost more than £400million in the year up to March - its worst result since the airline was privatised more than two decades ago.

In 2007-08, the carrier achieved a record profit but it was caught in a vicious squeeze between falling demand, as the recession took hold, and a huge rise in fuel costs in the wake of last year's oil price surge.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that the airline planned to get rid of more than 100 pilots because of a huge fall in passenger numbers.

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The Loch Ness monster - that lived in the English Channel and died more than 200million years ago

It roamed the English channel more than 200 million years ago.

And now the prehistoric monster has surfaced once more - in the limestone of Lyme Regis's famous 'Jurassic Coast'.

Excited archaeologists discovered the Loch Ness-style creature on the beach and have spent months piecing together a giant jigsaw composed of dozens of old bones to reveal the 12ft-long plesiosaur.

The marine reptile hunted the oceans with a long thin neck and tail, four large flippers and razor-sharp teeth.

It existed during the Jurassic period about 150 to 200 million years ago when what is now the Channel was a shallow, tropical sea.

The remains were discovered by fossil hunter Tracey Marler under rocks on Monmouth Beach near Lyme Regis, Dorset.

She first found a single bone in limestone. She and partner Chris Moore, an expert in fossils, returned to the scene and they found four more bones.

As experts examined the bones in detail, they were surprised to see teeth marks from where a predator dinosaur would have feasted on the carcass of the 'lake monster'.

After further excavation about 150 vertebrae bones and parts of its skull and jaw, with one tooth remaining, were uncovered.

Mr Moore said: 'It came out in pieces but you could clearly see how it looked.

'The tail bone was in position, and some of the back bones were completely in place where they should be and the neck bone was there as well.

'You could see some of the bones had actually been chewed up a bit.

'There are teeth marks and you can see how the skeleton had been torn apart by some other nasty marine reptile.'

Mr Moore added: 'Their predator would have been the ichthyosaur which was carnivorous.'

Natural England worked closely with the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site team to carefully extract the fossils.

The alternative of leaving it could have led to it being destroyed by ill-informed collectors or eventually being washed away and eroded by the sea.

Richard Edmonds, science manager for the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site, said: 'There was a risk that we could have damaged the pavement by the act of removing the fossil.

'Plesiosaur remains are rare. There are only 10 known examples of complete or even partial skeletons of this species.

'I have been doing this for 30-odd years and I have only ever found the odd bone.

'The specimen could not have been in a more sensitive location, in the famous and iconic ammonite pavement.'

It is hoped the skeleton, which is 70 per cent complete, will go on public display at the Lyme Regis Museum.

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Giant undersea volcano found in Sunda Trench

Scientists conducting oceanic survey intended to better understand the mechanics of tsunami generation has got more than they bargained for after a discovery of a previously unknown underwater volcano off the coast of Bengkulu.

The team of scientists from the Agency For the Assessment and Application Technology (BPPT), The Indonesian Institute of Science (LIPI), The Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry, and France-based CGGVeritas and Institut de Physique du Globe (IPG) located the volcano under the Sunda Trench, west of Sumatra.

The volcano rises about 4,600 meters, with the rim 1,280 meters below the sea surface. The base ring of the volcano spans approximately 50 kilometers.

“The volcano is huge and tall. No mountain in Indonesia is this high except the Jayawijaya mountain in Papua,” a BPPT Director, Yusuf Surachman, said as quoted by Antara state news agency on Thursday.

He did not, however, get into detail regarding the volcano's activity level.

“Nevertheless, an underwater volcano is very dangerous if it erupts,” he said.

The seismic survey was conducted in the Indian Ocean off Sumatra as part of a TIDES (Tsunami Investigation – Deep Evaluation Seismic) project.

Scientists from many parts of the world have been conducting researches following the 2004 Tsunami disaster in Aceh and other major earthquakes that plague the country.

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Ancelotti leaves job at AC Milan

Carlo Ancelotti took a step closer to becoming Chelsea's new manager after he announced his contract at AC Milan has been terminated by mutual consent.

But the Italian, who guided Milan to third in Serie A, said a move to Stamford Bridge has yet to be agreed.

He said: "I have agreed to leave Milan. The decision was by mutual consent. But a move to London is not certain yet."

Milan announced technical director Leonardo will replace Ancelotti as manager for next season.

Ancelotti signed off his eight-year reign at the San Siro with a 2-0 away victory over Fiorentina, a result which secures automatic qualification for next season's Champions League group stages.

Although he refused to confirm his future with Chelsea, the 49-year-old did say he will not be joining another club in Italy.

"In agreement with the club, we have decided to bring forward the expiry of my contract," he said. "This beautiful adventure at Milan is over.

"I can't say anything else official. I have not made any agreement with any other club. I am certainly not staying in Italy."

Milan's England midfielder David Beckham paid tribute to the departing coach.

"With Carlo Ancelotti leaving AC Milan, it is the end of an era, the end of some extraordinary years," Beckham said on the club's website. "But wherever he goes, they will be a fortunate club to have him as their coach."

Brazil star Kaka also thanked Ancelotti for the impact he has had on his own career.

The 2007 World Footballer of the Year said: "He is a person I have a very strong bond with thanks to these six years that I have spent here with him as my coach at Milan.

"I am grateful for what he has done for me and for what he has taught me.

"He gave me the opportunity to be known as a footballer across the world and I have won a lot with him. I wish him all the best in everything."

Although not explicitly naming him, Ancelotti hinted he would love to sign Kaka for whichever club he ends up at next.

"There is one player I would like to take, but I cannot take him with me," he said.

Chelsea have been searching for a replacement for Guus Hiddink, who is returning to his full-time role with Russia.

The Dutchman, who guided the west London club to victory in the FA Cup final on Saturday, was drafted in when Luis Felipe Scolari was sacked in February, but resisted the clamour to remain in charge next season.

"Guus Hiddink has done a fantastic job as temporary first team coach," read a Chelsea statement.

"Winning the FA Cup was a fitting tribute to his management and coaching skills, and a perfect send-off for him.

"He will always be welcome back at Chelsea as a friend, and in any other football capacity."

Ancelotti, who had been the longest-serving manager in Italy's top flight, having joined the Rossoneri from Juventus in 2001, has previously confirmed he has been learning English.

He previously refused to rule out the possibility of taking the reins at Stamford Bridge, despite reaffirming his commitment to the Serie A giants.

Ancelotti, speaking before the 3-2 defeat by Roma on 24 May, had said: "It's 100% certain I will still be at Milan next year."

But he added: "I am open to anything. It's obvious I would say yes if you ask me if I would love to coach Chelsea."

And in his autobiography, 'Preferisco La Coppa' (I Prefer The Cup), which was released in Italy on Tuesday, Ancelotti describes two meetings he claims to have held with Blues owner Roman Abramovich last year in Geneva and Paris.

Ancelotti told the Russian about two players he thought would help turn Chelsea into the attractive, winning side Abramovich craves.

"President, your team is very physical, you have to put more quality in the middle of the pitch," Ancelotti claims to have told Abramovich.

"I gave him two names, (Bayern Munich winger) Franck Ribery and (Liverpool midfielder) Xabi Alonso."

Chelsea have refused to comment on the claims in Ancelotti's book.

Leonardo will be officially named as Milan's new coach on Monday.

The 39-year-old former Brazil international was appointed as the club's technical director in 2008.

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Matador Gored Fighting A Bull, Now Fights For His Life

Just like the saying goes. "If You mess with the bull, you get the horns." Israel Lancho learned that the hard way and now, after losing his fight with the bull, he finds himself in critical condition fighting for his life in a Madrid hospital.
Score one point for mother nature. Tossed into the air like a rag doll, Spanish matador Israel Lancho is gored by a bull in Madrid on Wednesday.

The matador is now in critical condition after the bullfight at the San Isidro's fair in Las Ventas bullring.

His gaping wound is nearly eight inches wide, with Spanish press claiming it was a miracle the bull's horn had missed his heart.

Lancho, 30, had confessed he did not think he would survive. He is expected to remain in the intensive care unit of a Madrid hospital for several more days before being transferred to a clinic for at least a week.

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