3D changes rules for directors

The rise of 3D technology for movies and television will force a change in how directors tell stories.

Say good-bye to gut-wrenching drops off cliffs and swoops through asteroid fields to call attention to 3D effects. Be prepared for directors to use slower pans, less cutting, and more deliberate camera moves to blend the technology into the story. These new 3D movies may look boring in 2D, but they'll end up feeling more engaging when seen in three dimensions.

"Unfortunately, the history of 3D is bad 3D," says Sandy Climan, CEO of 3ality, a company that makes, as he calls it, "end-to-end technologies from image capture to processing" for three-dimensional entertainment. The technology hasn't been up to snuff until recently, he says. He claims his company's tech is leagues better, naturally. But the art hasn't advanced, either, and no amount of technology can fix that. Directors need new rules.

I talked with Climan about the changes coming to cinematography and television in the move to 3D, as well as to Didier Debons and Isabelle de Montagu, CEO and business development manager of 3DTV Solutions, which makes 3D video recording products, and Tuyen Pham, CEO of A-volute, a 3D audio encoding company. The short takeaway: if you're in the video or entertainment business, forget what you know about directing and editing. 3D changes everything.

Think 3D is a gimmick and that professional cinematographers and television directors don't take it seriously? Financials, Climan says, dispute this. 3D films in 3D theaters gross two to five times what the 2D versions of those films do. Commercials in 3D yield better recall rates. And it's not just the novelty factor, Climan says. If so, the trend would have faded. Grosses for 3D films are growing.

"The family movie business has largely moved to 3D," Climan continues, pointing to films like "Journey to the Center of the Earth," "Coraline," and "Up"--the last two having being taken far more seriously than standard 3D matinee fare. On the grownup front, Climan says that for sports and concerts, there's nothing like the 3D movie or TV experience. The upcoming James Cameron film, "Avatar" is a 3D production and is expected to be a watershed for mainstream 3D entertainment.

For now, the growth of 3D looks inevitable. The next step for the medium, after family films and fantastic blockbusters, is for 3D to move into independent and artisan films. Climan thinks the technology is becoming straightforward enough to make that likely.

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Samsung Announce 32GB DDR3 Memory

Samsung Electronics has just announced that it has developed the world's first 32GB DDR3 memory module, confirming its leadership in advanced memory technology. It using Using 50nm manufacturing technology. According to the company, the new solution has been specifically build to meet the performance requirements of server systems, and, in that perspective, it has been designed with an operating voltage of 1.35 volts, reducing the power usage in mass storage computing environments. Meant for server systems, the new memory module comes as a green solution for some of the upcoming high-end products that are expected to provide business users with higher levels of performance.

“Compared to the 8GB memory modules used in today’s servers, our new module packs an eco-sensitive wallop with four times the density at significantly reduced power levels and no increase in the overall footprint,” said Jim Elliott, vice president, memory marketing, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. “For data centers, it’s a powerhouse in energy efficiency and performance,” he added.

According to Samsung, the new 32GB memory module has been designed using the company's 50nm-class 4GB DDR3, providing costumers with an operating voltage of 1.35V, which improves throughput by 20 percent over a 1.5V DDR3. In addition, according to Samsung, the new memory module delivers new levels of energy efficiency, making them suitable for some of the more energy-efficient “green” systems.

The new 32GB registered inline memory module (RDIMM) has been developed using seventy-four 4GB DDR3 chip dies, with the help of the aforementioned Samsung 50nm-class DRAM production technology. This makes up for the nine quad-die package (QDP) 16GB DDR3s mounted on each side of the PCB (printed circuit board), for a total of 32GB.

Samsung's latest release confirms an ongoing market trend for the adoption of the DDR3 DRAM, which is expected to account for 29 percent of the total DRAM market this year, 75 percent by 2011, according to recent estimations from IDC.


North Korea qualifies for 2010 World Cup for the 1st times since 1966

North Korea qualified for the 2010 World Cup finals for the first time since 1966 by battling to a 0-0 draw away to Saudi Arabia on Wednesday night.

The point captured in searing temperatures in Riyadh, saw the Koreans edge into second place in Asian qualifying Group 2 to finish ahead of Saudi Arabia on goal difference and seal their place in the finals.

It means both group winners South Korea, who co-hosted the World Cup with Japan in 2002, and neighbors North Korea will play in the 2010 showpiece in South Africa.

North Korea coach Kim Yong-Jun Kim had nothing but praise for his players after the final whistle.

"We focused on the defending as we had come under a lot of pressure from the Saudis and I think our preparation for the game was one factor that earned the victory tonight," the North Korean boss told FIFA's official Web site.

"We monitored the Saudi team from the beginning of our campaign and I noticed that they have a problem in finding good strikers. We battled to qualify for the World Cup finals and I would like to thank my players for the great performance that they showed during the whole match," added Kim.

"It was so hot in Saudi Arabia and as you know the journey from Korea was long but our belief in the ability of the players snatched the ticket to South Africa," Kim stated.

The booking of North Korea's ticket to the finale will see the reclusive nation compete against the world's best despite growing international political concern regarding Pyongyang's testing of a nuclear bomb recently.

Their form in the tournament is one of upsetting the odds after they Italy 43 years ago en route to the quarter-finals.

The home draw sees Saudi Arabia finish in third place to go into the playoffs where they will face Bahrain. The winners will play New Zealand for a place in the finals, while Iran miss out after finishing fourth in Group 2.

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Adventure Inlay

Take your brain on an adventure! The brain-teasing game play of Magic Inlay and Puzzle Inlay takes off on a whirlwind tour in four exciting game modes: Play the way you remember with all new puzzles and themes in Traditional, choose carefully in Strategy, uncover the secrets of the wild in Revealer, or solve challenging puzzles in Enigma Mode. Loaded with stunning graphics and tons of brain-teasing action, Adventure Inlay is an excursion your whole family will enjoy. Let the adventure begin!

Game Feature :

* Unlimited Play
* 4 Amazing Game Modes
* 6 Worlds to Explore
* Beautiful Full Screen Graphics
* In-Game Instructions


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Kelis Earns $21K a Month, Spends $80K, it's really lavish !

Kelis has declared her financial status with the court, making her case to receive child and spousal support, plus baby expenses, from estranged husband Nas.

From 11/08 to 4/09, Kelis' average monthly income was $21,616.

Not exactly broke, as she claimed to be earlier in the week, but significantly less than what she and Nas were pulling in as a couple while they were married.

Oh, and Kelis, who is ready to give birth, has $80,831 in monthly expenses.

Of that sum, Kelis says she spends $14,861 on her mortgage. Her nanny? $3,500 a month. She spends $15,000 a month on entertainment, gifts and vacations.

You can list those as "expenses"? Maybe she should try living within her means since she filed for divorce. There's always reading celebrity gossip for free online!

She says it cost $175 to have the "baby rug dry cleaned," and that she must buy "storage to bank the baby's blood when he is born. The banking is the collection and storage of the stem cells found in the baby's umbilical cord."

We're sure that's real cheap.

Kelis says she hasn't toured in a year and most of her cash comes from concerts. Man, if a girl can't make it on $21,616 a month, what is the world coming to.

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Feeding Frenzy 2

Join a colorful cast of characters chomping their way to the heart of an underwater mystery in this fin-filled adventure! From the makers of Feeding Frenzy comes the delicious follow-up, Feeding Frenzy 2! Dodge predators and eat your way up the food chain in two exciting game modes! With gorgeous new underwater environments, frisky new fish, and 60 levels of mouth-watering fun, the feeding is more frenzied than ever before

Games features:

* Two Game Modes
* Wild New Power-Ups
* New Fish and Characters
* Unlimited Play
* 60 Lively Levels

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System Requirements

- Windows 2000/Windows 98/Windows ME/Windows Vista/Windows XP
- 500 MHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
- 128MB RAM
- DirectX 7.0

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There's a battle in the backyard and only you can save the day in this exciting action-puzzler. The Black Bugs are rounding up the peaceful Tumblebugs and trapping them underground. But, wait! Here comes Tumble to save the day! Launch colored bugs to make matching groups of three or more and set the Tumblebugs free. Featuring adorable characters, exciting challenges, and stunning graphics, Tumblebugs is fast puzzle fun the whole family will enjoy.

Game Features :

* 78 distinct and challenging levels to explore
* Shoot bugs up and over rows with "Ballistic Bugs"
* Amazing 3D graphics
* Unlimited Play
* Tons of Challenging Levels
* Power-ups and Special Characters
* Two Game Modes

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