Solar Eclipse "Ring" Seen in some of Earth

A total solar eclipse passing over some of Earth's most densely populated regions on Wednesday, July 22, 2009, may become the most viewed eclipse ever.

People across central India and in parts of Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Myanmar will briefly find themselves in daytime darkness before the solar eclipse proceeds into China.

Most of the best viewing opportunities are in China, where some 30 million people will be able to witness the solar eclipse in the coastal cities of Shanghai and Hangzhou alone, according to veteran eclipse scientist Jay Pasachoff of Williams College in Massachusetts.

The eclipse will then continue east, passing over Japan's Ryukyu Islands before reaching its maximum duration point over the Pacific Ocean, where the sun will be completely blocked by the moon for 6 minutes and 39 seconds, according to NASA scientist Fred Espenak.

Thousands of overseas tourists and potentially millions of Chinese are flocking to areas along the eclipse path, where hotels are charging higher rates, according to Chinese media reports.

The July 2009 total solar eclipse is expected to have the longest duration of totality in the 21st century, experts say, and should give Pasachoff plenty of data to keep him and his team busy for months.

Pasachoff will see only about five and half minutes of totality from a site in eastern China, but "once you have five minutes-plus of totality, the extra minute that we could have [seen] is not significant," he added.

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Michael Jackson Leg Wound

After the death of the legendary Pop Star Michael Jackson, several news and rumors spread regarding his death. Another news that hit the web is about a picture in which a severe wound to Michael’s right leg is shown. The wound was said to be from a spider bite and many believed that it was made due to necrosis and supposedly needle marks around the wound. The picture that shows signs of depigmentation Michael Jackson’s skin was reportedly taken in 2002.

According to a health professional, his leg wound is seemed to be Vitiligo, which is used to bleach the skin and has almost the same affect of Monobenzone from which a permanent depigmentation is caused. The people that used Monobenzone have large patches, pink, brown and even pink raw areas on their bodies.

According to ABC reports, a dermatologist stated,
“The wound which is on Michael Jackson’s leg looks like it was necrosis (death of cells and living tissue) where fluid may have been put in his leg from an IV.”

It is said that Michael was an addict of drug Demerol. Demerol is a narcotic pain medicine and used for the treatment for lessen the severe pain. It can be that Demerol was not the actual cause of Michael’s death, but played a role in his death. The legendary star was died on June 25, 2009, and anesthesia drug Propofol was possibly considered as the cause for his death.

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