Elizabeth Adeney is Britain's Oldest Mother

Britain's oldest mother brought her baby home for the first time yesterday.

Elizabeth Adeney, 66, looked radiant as she lifted her son lovingly out of her car.

Doctors have been monitoring Mrs Adeney and her baby in hospital since she gave birth to the boy weighing 5lb 3oz by caesarean section a week ago after IVF treatment.

She is reported to have named him Jolyon - which means 'young at heart'.

They were discharged from Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge yesterday afternoon and picked up by a female friend and another woman, believed to a nanny, in Mrs Adeney's car which was recently fitted with a child seat.

The wealthy businesswoman smiled broadly as she gently carried her little boy, who appeared to have a tube coming from his nose, into her £600,000 detached house in the Suffolk hamlet of Lidgate.

It was a moment she has dreamed of for most of her adult life.

She first had fertility treatment two decades ago during her short-lived marriage to Robert Adeney, now 71, but was told by medical experts at the time that she could no longer continue with attempts to become pregnant.

A source close to Mr Adeney, who now lives in the south of France, said the marriage foundered as his wife, who had not married before, became consumed with the desire to have children.

Mrs Adeney has been reluctant to discuss her pregnancy other than to defend her decision to have IVF, saying: 'It's not physical age that is important - it's how I feel inside. Some days I feel 39. Others, I feel 56.'

She finally achieved her aim after travelling to Ukraine for IVF treatment as clinics in the UK refuse to treat women over the age of 50.

She continued working a five-day week at Delmore Ltd, the Suffolk plastics and textiles firm where she is managing director, until days before the birth. It is understood she will return to work.

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Death toll at South African Gold Mine rises to 61

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - The death toll rose to least 61 on Tuesday from an underground fire that killed illegal miners at a disused gold mine in South Africa, Harmony Gold Mining Co. said.

"Today we found 25 more bodies," said Tom Smith, head of Harmony's operations in the part of the country where the abandoned shaft is located. "The bodies are not burned. It seems more of a case of gas or smoke inhalation.

Illegal mining in South Africa's abandoned gold mines often goes unnoticed because miners can sneak past security at one mine and exit from one owned by a different company kilometers away. The illegal miners can stay underground for months unseen.

Gold prices near record highs have made the risk taken by well-organized illegal mining syndicates even more worthwhile.

Harmony, the world's No. 5 gold producer, is particularly exposed to plundering by illegal miners compared with its peers, because it was built on a strategy of buying old, unwanted gold shafts and mines.

Smith said the bodies were retrieved by fellow illegal miners from depths of up to 1.4 km (0.9 miles).

He said he didn't know how the fire had started, and reiterated that it was too dangerous for Harmony to send its staff to search for bodies.

"I don't know if there are any more bodies down there, we just have to wait," he said.

The illegal miners were killed in a fire over the weekend at Harmony's Eland shaft, located in the central Free State. A similar fire at its marginal St. Helena mine in the same province killed 23 illegal miners in 2007.

The Department of Mining, which is grappling with an escalating safety crisis in South Africa's mining sector, has said dealing with illegal miners was difficult because it lacked enough staff to inspect producing mines, let alone disused ones. Illegal miners are also usually armed.

South Africa's Chamber of Mines, which groups gold producers in the world's third biggest source of gold, said illegal mining was a problem that individual companies were dealing with, but it had no figures on the value of gold stolen.

Police have conducted sporadic sting operations to arrest the illegal miners, but mine owners say catching thieves was difficult in the labyrinth of mines.

Minister of Mining Susan Shabangu expressed condolences for the deaths at the Harmony mine, and promised to visit the site of the deaths on Tuesday.

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Google courts business customers with new products

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Google Inc is stepping up efforts to infuse its search engine into the operations of the most technically sophisticated corporations as well as the least digitally savvy businesses.

The Internet search giant unveiled a pair of new products on Tuesday aimed at large corporations with strict technology requirements and at small businesses that may not even have Web sites, respectively.

The move comes as Google's growth slows from its previous double-digit percentage levels, amid a challenging economic environment and a sharp industry-wide slowdown in the advertising spending that it depends on.

Google's latest version of its Search Appliance, first introduced in 2001, takes aim at the high-end of the market.

The sleek yellow boxes, based on hardware from Dell Inc and Intel Corp, come loaded with Google software and allow companies to harness Google's search capabilities to cull through their own internal documents.

Instead of the three separate models of the appliance it previously offered, Google will now sell two boxes: the GB 7007, which can index between 500,000 and 10 million documents, and the GB 9009, which can index 30 million documents.

More importantly, customers can now string together multiple appliances so, for instance, an index of 1 billion company documents can be quickly searched by a company's employees.

New security and customization features mean that different departments within a company can link their appliances, giving certain users -- say those with a higher security clearance at a federal agency -- access to a broader set of search results than would have been presented to others.

The goal is to make search the "unifying glue" across an organization's various departments, said Nitin Mangtani, Google's senior product manager for enterprise search.

Mangtani said the entry-level 7007 model costs $30,000, including two years of support. Google does not disclose pricing on the 9009 model but notes that the price is less than the 7007 on a price-per-document basis.


Sanford Bernstein analyst Jeff Lindsay said Google has struggled serving enterprise customers, who tend to be more demanding than the consumers that Google is accustomed to building products for.

But he expects Google to make a renewed push to boost its business with corporations this year.

Lindsay estimates that Google's enterprise business will generate $240 million in sales this year, with the majority from enterprise applications like corporate gmail, rather than the search appliance -- a small fraction of the $22.7 billion in total revenue that analysts expect Google to record.

In a separate product launch on Tuesday, Google introduced a new "dashboard" for its core search site that provides local businesses with information about Web searches relating to their companies.

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Tips and Tricks Searching on Google

Searching on Google can be a magical experience once you find out how to make your search queries efficient. By making efficient I mean using some tricks or the cheat sheet provided by Google itself to quickly find what you actually require. Having being hooked onto Google for a long time now, I have come across some amazing search tricks which can change the way you look at Google today.

In this article I will list down the search tricks which I use quite frequently. Be it finding time, meanings or watching the cricket score, searching PDF’s, with Google as the search engine life cannot be more simpler. Here are the 10 most amazing Google Search tricks:

1. Different Types of Files at your will

How many times would you have asked for materials (PDF, PPT, DOC) for a particular topic from a friend? Its almost everyday that we might have the necessity to ask them either for knowledge, preparing a presentation, white-paper or for case studies. Such times it mostly difficult to look out what to exactly search for because most of the times you don’t know about the topic at hand. But this petty keyword unleashes its lethal power at such occasions.

Let’s say I want to implement a case study on SOA which means I have to read a lot of information for SOA. So I just have to find materials which might have already been uploaded on the web in the form of PDF’s, DOC’s or PPT’s. These materials can be easily obtained by doing a search for. Just click the link below to see these search result:

* PDF - juniper networks router filetype:pdf
* PPT - juniper networks router filetype:ppt
* DOC - juniper networks router filetype:doc

2. Scholarly Search
If you want some authenticity of the materials then it would be better to find the materials from educational institutes or universities. For this use the Google scholar search. But suppose you don’t like to switch to Google scholar search you can add the same query with an additional parameter to the normal Google search box. Just click the link below to see these search result:


3. Meanings of any word in an instant
Now you do not have to carry a dictionary or install a dictionary software just for the purpose of finding out a meaning of a word. With the wealth of information in Google’s hands, its a piece of cake to find out the meaning of the word. Just use the define: keyword. The meaning would of course be displayed but also a set of other links which might have an alternative definition are also given out with the link to read more about it. Just click the link below to see these search result:

* define:wimax

You would argue here that, a dicitionary gives out more information than this. But what about words that don’t actually fall within the vocabulary. Suppose you want to know what SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) is then you would have no choice. Google Search comes to your rescue in this case,

* Abbreviations - define: SOA
* Jargons - define: Web 2.0
* SMS language - define: LOL

4. Find the time of any location
Many of us might be probably working for client which are based at different locations. And communication has to be carried out frequently carried out in such cases. But before a communication you have to know which time zone the location is falling into otherwise you would be causing a disturbance.

I have seen people installing time zone software for showing the time of the location they would be calling to. But with Google at your hands you don’t have to install any software. It would be just simple to use a query for finding the current time such as,

* time amsterdam

psst….look closely the time on the little clock graphic. It also shows the perfect time!

5. Weather at your fingertips
I had been to Amsterdam for a Juniper Training in the first week of December. But I made a mistake of not finding out the temperature of GOA before leaving. Had I known that it is hot even in the winter I would not have made the mistake of carrying additional luggage consisting of blankets and jackets.

If you are thinking to visit a place it is useful to know what the temperature of the place is before hand, it can make efficient packing. Google helps you here too. Just use this query without asking anybody or waiting for the news to make a weather report. I wish I had thought of this!

* amsterdam weather

6. Google does live commentary too!
Indians are cricket fanatics. But its amusing to see the organizations here trying to put together tactics to devoid cricket lovers from wasting time to watch the cricket scores instead of doing their work. What I think they fail to understand is that by blocking the live cricket scoring sites they are actually making the employees more curios and provoking them to hunt for proxy networks or listen to the radio or chat with their friends elsewhere.

Jokes apart, you actually don’t need proxy networks to view the live cricket scores if you at least have access to Google. If you want to find the latest info about all the tennis matches then just type "tennis" and see live result :

* tennis

But if you want to find out only about a particular match then use only the names of the two playing nations,

* england croatia

Remember that the scorecard will come only when the play is going on.

7. Calculate with your browser
Every OS has a calculator inbuilt but when the browser is the thing which is constantly open whey bother to open up a calculator. Open Google and straight away type your mathematical expression. You can go all the way from basic arithmetic to trigonometrical expressions. This is simply amazing stuff accomplished by Google.

* 26 * 9000
* sin(90) / cos (90)

8. Compare your currency with others
Now that the dollar is declining, the rest of the world must be busy trying to check the impact of the dollar on their currencies. But first of all one must know how much a particular currency amounts to when cashed in another currency. Google’s inbuilt currency converter just does this.

* 1 USD in IDR
* 1 EUR in IDR

9. Keep track of the stocks
With the booming stock market it is very important to track the stocks on a day to day basis. Putting a stock ticker in the search box is the most obvious thing you would think of. But it is not always you would remember the stock ticker, you should add the keyword “stocks:” to the company name.

The best part of the obtained result is that it provides a chart which shows the trend in the company’s stock along with important statistics.

* stocks: ANTM
or U can try keyword below :
* finance ANTM

Note: Currently the results are restricted to the companies listed in the US stock markets.

10. Wanna find some faces?
This is most interesting trick. You might be needing images for various occasions and searching for images is the most difficult thing because what we expect might not be possibly mapped to a query. But Google has a parameter in place for images in situations we need an image which describes a face.

Suppose I search for the term “happy” then the Google results page displays smileys. But I would like to use images of happy people. Even if I choose the term as “happy face” the results don’t show images which contain people. For this there is a parameter “imgtype” which you can use with the URL. For this put in the URL as follows:


There are many more variations which can be bought about with the above tricks thus making your search experience not only enriching but also exciting. If I have missed any tricks of common usage, feel free to mention it.

Find Another Tips & Tricks to Search on Google, Click Below :
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China blocks Twitter and Hotmail

China has blocked several websites ahead of the 20th anniversary of the suppression of the Tiananmen protests.

Chinese internet users were unable to connect to the social networking service Twitter, their Hotmail accounts and the photo-sharing service Flickr.

Meanwhile veteran dissident Wu Gaoxing, who was jailed for his part in the 1989 pro-democracy movement, was held at the weekend, a fellow activist said.

China bans discussion of the events in and around Tiananmen Square in 1989.

Thursday 4 June is the 20th anniversary of the crackdown, when troops quelled weeks of protest by students and workers.

China has never released a death toll from the suppression on what it says was a counter-revolutionary conspiracy. Hundreds are believed to have died in and around the square.


The BBC's James Reynolds in Beijing says that as the anniversary of what China calls the "4 June incident" gets closer, the Communist Party appears to be in a particularly vigilant mood - it wants to make sure that there is no mention of the subject whatsoever.

Access to Twitter was denied shortly after 1700 (0900 GMT) on Tuesday.

Meanwhile former Tiananmen detainee Chen Longde told AFP news agency that Wu Gaoxing had been picked up by police on Saturday in the eastern city of Taizhou.

Mr Wu had signed a letter to President Hu Jintao seeking compensation for those jailed after troops shot protesters on 4 June 1989.

The letter said former prisoners are unable to find steady jobs and are deprived of medical benefits and pensions.

Mr Wu was detained for two years after protesting in 1989 in the eastern province of Zhejiang, as pro-democracy demonstrations were taking place in Beijing.

The human-rights group Amnesty International says as many as 200 people remain in detention for their involvement in the 1989 pro-democracy protests.

Juniper Networks Honored by AT&T As Outstanding Supplier

SUNNYVALE, Calif., June 1, 2009 — Commitment to excellence over the past year has earned Juniper Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: JNPR) recognition as a 2009 AT&T Supplier Award winner for its support of affiliates of AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T), one of the world's leading data, voice, wireless and Internet services providers.

"We are grateful to Juniper Networks, which has been selected by AT&T for its outstanding performance far exceeding expectations in supplier relations and strongly contributing to our success over the past year," said Tim Harden, president of AT&T Supply Chain and Fleet Operations. "Our long-standing leadership position in providing unparalleled products and services to our worldwide customer base is due in large part to suppliers like Juniper Networks."

Juniper Networks was one of only six suppliers to receive the 2009 AT&T Supplier Award for its work in helping AT&T deliver outstanding service to its customers during the past year. Juniper was recognized for its contributions across a broad scope of criteria, including: supplier diversity results, creative cost management solutions, teamwork, customer service, product/service performance and sustainability.

"We are deeply honored to be recognized by AT&T as one of its key suppliers in 2009," said Kevin Johnson, chief executive officer, Juniper Networks. "This reinforces our commitment to driving innovation and focusing on the customer experience."

As part of its annual Supplier Award Program, AT&T took out a half-page ad in the May 13, 2009, edition of The Wall Street Journal to publicly thank the selected companies.
About Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks, Inc. is the leader in high-performance networking. Juniper offers a high-performance network infrastructure that creates a responsive and trusted environment for accelerating the deployment of services and applications over a single network. This fuels high-performance businesses. Additional information can be found at

NASA plans launch invitations to Twittering media

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida (Reuters) - NASA, which has tiptoed into the new world of social media with Twittering astronauts and Facebooking rovers, is taking the next step with an invitation-only outreach to "the twedia" to cover a space shuttle launch.

There are so many details to work out that the so-called TweetUp, originally planned for next week's launch of space shuttle Endeavour, has been rescheduled for the August flight of shuttle Discovery, said Michael Cabbage, a spokesman for the U.S. space agency.

NASA figures it can handle between 100 and 150 Twitterers and bloggers in a makeshift media site at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Twitter is an Internet-based text message service that allows users to post updates -- called "tweets" -- of no more than 140 characters. In this instance, media members at the launch will be able to issue reports to Twitter users who have signed up to receive them. The tweets also are posted and archived on the website.

NASA is still deciding whom to invite, how to accommodate Twittering media's need for high-speed Internet service and whether to restrict the TweetUp to U.S. citizens, among other issues.

Security measures implemented after the September 2001 attacks on New York and Washington prohibit foreign nationals from unescorted access to the spaceport.

"If we don't limit it to media outlets only, we would have a standing line for those coveted 150 slots that would stretch around the world," said NASA spokesman Bill Johnson.


George Whitesides, an Obama administration appointee at NASA, said it has been a priority of the new president to engage the public directly with social media tools.

"NASA is taking a leadership role in this," Whitesides said at a space development conference in Orlando last week.

"These things matter more than you might think," he added. "More people follow CNN on Twitter than those who watch CNN during prime-time hours."

More than 350,000 people followed updates from astronaut Michael Massimino, aka Astro_Mike, on Twitter during NASA's last shuttle mission to refurbish the Hubble Space Telescope.

The tweets weren't exactly live, however.

Massimino emailed his messages to Mission Control in Houston as time and radio communications allowed. Public affairs officials then posted the passages on Twitter.

Astronaut Mark Polansky (Astro_127), commander of the shuttle Endeavour crew, plans to follow the practice during his upcoming construction mission at the International Space Station, which is scheduled for launch on June 13.

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Microsoft unveils new Xbox technology, enlists Facebook

LOS ANGELES - Microsoft Corp on Monday offered a glimpse into a future where the Xbox 360 console is the centerpiece of any living room, and games, social interaction and communications are controlled with the wave of a hand.

At a star-studded event at the annual E3 video game conference that drew appearances by Paul McCartney and Steven Spielberg, the company unveiled "Project Natal," which uses a camera to track a user's movements via full skeletal mapping. It also recognizes voices and vocal commands.

The technology obviates the need for a controller or remote device to enable a player for instance to drive a car in a game, interact with a character on screen or show pictures and information to other Xbox 360 users over the Internet.

"You are the controller," Shane Kim, Microsoft's vice president of strategy and business development for videogames, said in an interview in Los Angeles.

"That's a very powerful piece of technology -- full body gesture tracking, not just two hands."

On Monday, Microsoft also said it planned to boost its Xbox 360 gaming console by integrating music-streaming service, Web social network Facebook and microblogging site Twitter into its Xbox Live online community.

The announcements underscore how the interactive gaming industry, a growing business with estimated annual sales of about $50 billion despite the economic downturn, is looking into ways to attract new gamers while retaining their core audience.

Perhaps with an eye on the economy, Don Mattrick, senior vice president of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business, said the "Natal" technology can refresh the gaming experience without making consumers buy a new device, which typically costs $250 to $500. Microsoft would also avoid hefty manufacturing and marketing costs.

"We can leap into a new era of interactive entertainment without launching a new console," Mattrick told reporters.

Kim declined to detail when "Project Natal" games and service will be available, saying only that "it's not a 2009 thing."


Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft's Game Studios, said the technology has been well received by software developers.

"It's pretty obvious that the controller is not going away, but the ability to augment the gaming experience that people are used to is one of the paths that people will take," he said.

For now, Microsoft is focusing on beefing up its fledgling Xbox Live service.

Users of Xbox Live will be able to keep tabs on and communicate with friends using popular Internet services such as Facebook and Twitter, without needing to use a computer.

source :

Missing Airbus A330 (Air French) hit thunderstorms over Atlantic

A missing Air France jet carrying 228 people from Rio de Janeiro to Paris ran into lightning and strong thunderstorms over the Atlantic Ocean, officials said Monday. Brazil began a search mission off its northeastern coast.

Chief Air France spokesman Francois Brousse said "it is possible" the plane was hit by lightning.

Air France Flight 447, an Airbus A330, left Rio on Sunday at 7 p.m. local time (2200 GMT, 6 p.m. EDT) with 216 passengers and 12 crew members on board, company spokeswoman Brigitte Barrand.

About four hours later, the plane sent an automatic signal indicating electrical problems while going through strong turbulence, Air France said.

Missing French jet hit thunderstorms over Atlantic

The plane "crossed through a thunderous zone with strong turbulence" at 0200 GMT Monday (10 p.m. EDT Sunday). An automatic message was received fourteen minutes later "signaling electrical circuit malfunction."

Brazil's Air Force said the last contact it had with the Air France jet was at 0136 GMT (9:30 p.m. EDT Sunday), but did not say where the plane was then.

Brazil's air force was searching near the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha, about 300 kilometers (180 miles) northeast of the coastal city of Natal, a spokesman said, speaking on condition of anonymity in keeping with department policy.

The region is about 1,500 miles northeast of Rio.

In Washington, a Pentagon official said he'd seen no indication that terrorism or foul play was involved. He spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the subject.

Douglas Ferreira Machado, the head of investigation for Brazil's Civil Aeronautics Agency, told Globo TV the plane could have been near the coast of Africa by the time contact was lost, based on the speed it was traveling.

"It's going to take a long time to carry out this search," he said. "It could be a long, sad story. The black box will be at the bottom of the sea."

Air France-KLM CEO Pierre-Henri Gourgeon, at a news conference at Charles de Gaulle Airport north of Paris, said the pilot had 11,000 hours of flying experience, including 1,700 hours flying this aircraft. No name was released.

"We are without doubt facing an air catastrophe," Gourgeon said. "At this time, the plane's fuel reserves would not permit it to still be in flight."

He said the plane was "very far" from Brazilian coast when last contact was made, without providing details.

Aviation experts said the risk the plane was brought down by lightning was slim.

"Lightning issues have been considered since the beginning of aviation. They were far more prevalent when aircraft operated at low altitudes. They are less common now since it's easier to avoid thunderstorms," said Bill Voss, president and CEO of Flight Safety Foundation, Alexandria, Va.

He said planes have specific measures built in to help dissipate electricity along the aircraft's skin.

"I cannot recall in recent history any examples of aircraft being brought down by lightning," he told The Associated Press.

Experts said the absence of a mayday call meant something happened very quickly.

"The conclusion to be drawn is that something catastrophic happened on board that has caused this airplane to ditch in a controlled or an uncontrolled fashion," Jane's Aviation analyst Chris Yates told The Associated Press.

"I would suggest that potentially it went down very quickly and so quickly that the pilot on board didn't have a chance to make that emergency call," Yates said, adding that the possibilities ranged from mechanical failure to terrorism.

Families who arrived to meet passengers on board were cordoned off, away from reporters, at a special Air France information center at the Charles de Gaulle airport. That center said 60 French citizens were on the plane. Italy said at least three passengers were Italian.

"Air France shares the emotion and worry of the families concerned," Barrand said.

The flight was supposed to arrive in Paris at 0915 GMT (5:15 a.m. EDT), according to the airport.

Air France said it alerted planemaker Airbus and France's civil aviation investigation office, known by its French acronym BEA.

If all 228 people were killed, it would be the deadliest commercial airline disaster since Nov. 12, 2001, when an American Airlines jetliner crashed in the New York City borough of Queens during a flight to the Dominican Republic, killing 265 people.

On Feb. 19, 2003, 275 people were killed in the crash of an Iranian military plane carrying members of the Revolutionary Guards as it prepared to land at Kerman airport in Iran.

Airbus said it was cooperating with transport authorities and Air France, but would not further comment until more details emerged.

"Our thoughts are with the passengers and with the families of the passengers," said Airbus spokeswoman Maggie Bergsma.

The Airbus A330-200 is a twin-engine, long-haul, medium-capacity passenger jet that is 58.8 meters (190 feet) long. It is a shortened version of the standard A330, and can hold up to 253 passengers. It first went into service in 1998 and there are 341 in use worldwide today. It can fly up to 7,760 miles (12,500 kilometers).

Rick Kennedy, a spokesman for GE Aviation, expressed doubt that the engine was at fault. He said the CF6-80E engine that powered the Air France plane "is the most popular and reliable engine that we have for big airplanes in the world."

He said there are more than 15,000 airplanes flying in the world with that engine design and GE Aviation officials were on standby to help.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy expressed his "extreme worry" and planned to visit the Charles de Gaulle airport later Monday.

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