Games on the iPhone 3GS is no big rush and would perform better

The iPhone 3GS is already wooing game developers with its faster, more powerful platform, but don't expect a ton of games fully taking advantage of it to flood the App Store--yet.

Though 1 million iPhone 3GSs sold in one weekend, the latest Apple mobile device is essentially still a niche product, compared to the 40 million original iPhones, iPhone 3Gs, and both iPod Touch models already sold. And those won't be able to run games with the same efficiency and speed as the new iPhone 3GS.

In short, it's still too early to declare the era of iPhone 3GS games officially arrived. Some game makers are waiting, or not creating games to take advantage of the device at all. Some say it's "not wise" to play specifically to what is still a small slice of the audience combing Apple's App Store for the latest downloads. For example, Pop Cap, the company behind Peggle and Bejeweled for the iPhone, said its games are benefiting from the faster load times the 3GS offers, but it has no plans to create games that are iPhone 3GS-specific.

This wait-and-see approach may be contrary to what some expected. The iPhone 3GS was essentially an update to the iPhone 3G. The "S," we were told, stands for "speed." Indeed, there's a faster processor, a PowerVR SGX graphics chip that can handle 3D rendering, and support for OpenGL ES 2.0, a standard use for creating 2D and 3D graphics. It also has a magnetometer and a video camera, unlike other Apple mobile devices.

At the device's world premiere at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this month, Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller promised that games on the iPhone 3GS would perform better, and, in the parade of developers brought up on stage to demonstrate apps for the new device, the only category among education, health, games, books, and music to be repeated were games.

"Our philosophy is not to take advantage of technology just because it's there," he said. "The other thing to keep in mind: Apple has sold 1 million 3GSs, but there are 40 million devices already in market. By focusing specifically on 3GS, you're leaving a huge potential market untapped at that point," said Stein.

Independent developer Kuan Yong is already hard at work on updating his AirCoaster 3D game, which has sold 100,000 copies since February on the App Store. AirCoaster is a 3D roller-coaster simulator. For earlier iPhone and iPod Touch models, it uses the accelerometer to allow the player to gain momentum on the roller-coaster track. But now, with the iPhone 3GS's magnetometer inside, the phone can be moved along vertical and horizontal axes to tilt view, like a compass.

So even though the iPhone 3GS has been on the market for a little over a week, and while developers are clearly eager to see what the new device can offer for games (many of the people we met in line the first day were independent game creators) the flowering of super-powerful, intense 3D graphics won't take place until more devices capable of running them are on the market. While iPhone 3GS sales will certainly pick up, if previous iPhone model sales are any indication, the device that will blow open this market for game makers isn't an iPhone.

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Michael Jackson Autopsy Result

The graphic above outlines what the newspaper claims it learned from the autopsy results, which did not officially determine Jackson's cause of death.
The autopsy on Michael Jackson's body revealed him to be in terrible shape, with only pills in his stomach when he died, according to a report out of the UK.

These findings seem to substantiate allegations made by former Jackson nanny Grace Rwaramba, however, neither story has been independently confirmed.

The Sun, which claims to have obtained the autopsy results, claims:

* Michael Jackson's hips, thighs and shoulders were riddled with needle wounds.
* There is unexplained bruising on Jackson's knees and on the front of his shins.
* That he weighed just 112 pounds, a shockingly low number for a 5'10" man.
* His body was covered by a plethora of surgery scars were thought to be the result of at least 13 plastic surgery operations.
* The star was bald at the time of his death and suffered several broken ribs, probably from the failed attempts to revive him.
* There were four "injection sites" near his heart, where rescue workers reportedly shot adrenaline into his heart to restart it.

Whether or not these claims are substantiated remains to be seen, so take it all with a grain of salt. In related news, the lawyer for Jackson's personal doctor, Conrad Murray, claims now that when Murray found Jackson, he had a faint pulse.

Murray's lawyer, Edward Chernoff, says Murray went into Michael Jackson's bedroom and saw he wasn't breathing, then immediately began administering CPR.

Chernoff told the AP, regarding his client, that "He just happened to find him in his bed, and he wasn't breathing. Mr. Jackson was still warm and had a pulse."

In response to a major story circulating, Chernoff says Murray did not prescribe or give Jackson Demerol or OxyContin at any point in his treatment of the star.

Rumors have surfaced that Jackson OD'd on Demerol. Chernoff says any drugs Murray prescribed were given in response to a specific complaint from Jackson.
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Lucio Completed Brazil's Victory Win in Confederations Cup 2009

Defending champion Brazil comes from two goals down in the Confederations Cup final to defeat the United States and retain its title.

The Brazilian squad was taken by surprise early in the match when Cling Dempsey put the US ahead just after 10 minutes.

The Americans astonished their rivals once again 17 minutes later when London Donovan doubled the lead, to show that his side's 2-0 victory over Spain in the semi finals was not just a coincidence.

Brazil's Luis Fabiano narrowed the lead one minute after the break to promise an exciting second half. Fabiano scored, stuck again to score his fifth goal in the tournament and equalized the match in the 74th minute.

Captain Lucio completed Brazil's come-from-behind 3-2 victory six minutes from time.

It was the third time Brazil won the Confederations Cup following triumphs in 1997 and 2005.

Earlier on Sunday, European champions Spain defeated host South Africa 3-2 in extra-time to clinch the third place.

Brazil's Kaka, who has recently signed with Real Madrid, was voted best player of the tournament and received the Golden Ball.

Fabiano collected the Golden Boot for being the leading scorer with five goals and US goalkeeper Tim Howard received the Golden Glove as the best in his position.

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Lily Allen accidentally sent a topless photo of herself to Ricky Wilson

Pop singer Lily Allen was forced to make an embarrassing apology to fellow star Ricky Wilson after mistakenly sending the Kaiser Chiefs member a nude photograph of herself. Allen intended to send the racy text message to an unknown male companion, but inadvertently sent the picture to Wilson. She tells British radio DJ Chris Moyles, "That was really embarrassing. I was completely topless." Allen declined to name to whom the picture was supposed to be sent to, but joked: "It was meant for Rick Astley."
Click Read More to See Her Photo

Lily Allen accidentally sent a topless photo of herself to Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson. 'The Fear' singer confessed she mistakenly sent the saucy text message to the rocker while she was on holiday.
Lily Allen topless in the sun at the Eden Rock in Cap d'Antibes, France

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Adam Lambert and Kris Allen Wanna Record Together !!

Los Angeles – For the next three months or so, Adam Lambert and Kris Allen will be spending a lot of time with each other crisscrossing the country on the American Idol tour.

It's no wonder that the two say we shouldn't be surprised if, in the end, they decide to record a song together.

"It could happen," Lambert told me yesterday during my exclusive sitdown with him and Allen. "Maybe we'll write a song on the road."

Allen smiled, "We have to figure it out, but yeah, we should do it."

No surprise, but the American Idol winner and runner-up have become as tight as any two best friends could be. So, just how close are they?

They both laugh when I ask Allen if Lambert is his "closest gay."

"As much time as we spend together, I would probably say so," Allen said.

And it works both ways. "He's definitely becoming my closest straight," Lambert said. "That's something I am trying to get across—that it doesn't frickin' matter. Just like when people were dealing with race relations. The moment we started getting over it as a society was the moment we stopped paying attention to the differences and paid attention to the similarities.

He continued, "People get so scared and uncomfortable with the ways in which they are different. I think it's a testament to Kris that he's completely comfortable in his own skin, comfortable with his sexuality. He's a straight man, he's married, and it's not threatening for him to be friends with a gay guy."

Or as the more reserved Allen put it, "That's what's wrong with the world. Why can't everyone just get along?"

As talkative as Lambert is, he remains pretty much tight-lipped on matters of the heart.

"I do not have a boyfriend," he said when I ask about the much-speculated-about relationship he has with interior designer and artist Drake LaBry. "I know everybody wants to know but that is the one area that I kind of want to keep out of the press: my personal love life, especially out of respect to the other person."

But then, a few minutes later, Lambert looked at me and said, "OK, let me set the record straight with you on the boyfriend thing—Yes, Drake and I are dating. You can say that."

Now back to show business. Is Lambert itching to get back to acting like he did in his pre-Idol theater days?

Not exactly.

"I think I'm a little bit over it because I spent so much time as a kid in theater," he said. "I had my love affair with musical theater and now I'm like, 'Give me something edgier, give me something a littler grittier, a little bit sexier and not so safe.' "

Mr. Allen, on the other hand, wants absolutely nothing to do with acting. "I don't think so, man," he said. "I don't think anyone would ask me to. I did those Ford commercials and it was hell."

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Real Madrid will sign Ronaldo $130 million from MU

Cristiano Ronaldo will be unveiled as a Real Madrid player on July 6, having finally agreed terms over his world-record $130 million transfer from Manchester United.

Spanish giants Real had been in talks with the 24-year-old World Player of the Year's representatives for the past two weeks after agreeing the fee with English champions United.

The Portugal winger will be tied to the Bernabeu until 2015, with Spanish media reporting that he will be paid €13 million ($18 million) each season.

Madrid announced on the club's official Web site read: "Real Madrid and Manchester United have signed a final agreement for the transfer of the rights of Cristiano Ronaldo from July 1.

"The player will be tied to Real Madrid for the next six seasons and will be presented on July 6 at the Santiago Bernabeu."

United also confirmed the deal on their Web site, stating: "Cristiano Ronaldo's departure is all but done and dusted after Real Madrid and Manchester United finalized the agreement for his transfer on Friday evening.

"The Portuguese winger was the subject of a world-record £80 million offer from the Spanish club on Thursday 11 June. He has since been on holiday but a return to work with new employers now beckons, with the sale set to be completed on Wednesday July 1."

When the deal is completed next week, it will be the fourth time Real have broken the world record for transfers.

President Florentino Perez smashed previous highest marks to bring Luis Figo and Zinedine Zidane to the Bernabeu in his first stint in charge, then made AC Milan's Brazilian superstar Kaka his first 'Galactico' capture of his second reign at the start of this month.

Perez is trying to rebuild a squad which fell well behind bitter rivals Barcelona last season, with the Catalans completing an unprecedented treble of titles culminating with victory in the Champions League final against United in May.

Ronaldo has reportedly admitted that he had already decided to join Real following United's capture of European football's premier prize with victory against English rivals Chelsea a year ago.

He will be the third new addition to the squad, with Valencia defender Raul Albiol due to sign a five-year deal next week after returning from Confederations Cup duty with Spain.

Real have been linked with a host of other players, including Albiol's club and international team-mate David Villa.

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Michael Jackson dies in debt up to $500 million

Michael Jackson, one of the biggest and most successful pop stars of all time, ended his days deeply in debt.

Still, Jacko made one smart financial bet during his life: buying the 50% interest in a music publishing catalog that includes the rights to 251 Beatles’ songs. Estimates for that stake range from $500 million to $1 billion, if you also include the rights to his own songs.

It’s well known that Michael Jackson died with piles of debt.

Despite his millions of records sold, he spent money faster than an Arab prince, but without the recurring oil income. A recent article by Ethan Smith in the Wall Street Journal said Mr. Jackson had debts of up to $500 million.

The big question: How will all his debts balance out with the Beatle’s songs and other assets?

The Journal article said the value of Mr. Jackson’s biggest assets probably still exceeds his growing debt, citing sources familiar with his finances. (Mr. Jackson’s spokespeople didn’t comment at the time).

The answer is sure to provide a lifetime annuity for scores of trust and estate lawyers. His estate is complicated by his family and siblings: three children by different women, his brothers, sister, mom and dad.

Mr. Jackson’s latest financial backers included Thomas Barrack, the founder of the Los Angeles real estate firm Colony Capital who bought Neverland for $22 million and is putting millions into the estate to fix it up for resale, and Denver billionaire Philip Anschutz, the family-values crusader who was helping finance Jacko’s comeback concert tour. It’s unclear how Mr. Anschutz’s deal may come out in the financial wash.

Whatever the outcome, the Jackson estate will likely make for big headlines long after the music is gone.

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HTC HERO™ , the latest Android phone

HTC Hero is the world’s first Android-based phone with a
customized user interface

HTC Sense to be integrated across a portfolio of
phones beginning with HTC Hero

LONDON – HTC Corporation, a global designer of mobile phones, today debuted HTC Sense™, an intuitive and seamless experience that will be introduced across a portfolio of phones beginning with the new HTC Hero™. With its distinct design and powerful capabilities fully integrated with HTC Sense, Hero introduces a unique blend of form and function that takes Android to new heights.

HTC Sense is focused on putting people at the centre by making your phone work in a more simple and natural way. This experience revolves around three fundamental principles that were designed by quietly listening and observing how people live and communicate.

"HTC Hero introduces a more natural way for reaching out to the people and accessing your important information, not by following the status quo of todays phones, but by following how you communicate and live your life," said Peter Chou, Chief Executive Officer, HTC Corporation. "HTC Sense is a distinct experience created to make HTC phones more simple for people to use, leaving them saying, it just makes sense."

HTC Hero
HTC Hero continues HTCs leadership in cutting-edge design that focuses on introducing a variety of distinct devices to represent your own individuality. Boasting bevelled edges and an angled bottom, the HTC Hero is contoured to fit comfortably in your hand and against your face while youre on a call. The HTC Hero is built to last beginning with an anti-fingerprint screen coating for improved smudge resistance and a longer lasting, clearer display. The white HTC Hero includes an industry-first, Teflon coating, resulting in an improved, durable white surface that is soft to the touch.

With its 3.2-inch HVGA display, the HTC Hero is optimized for Web, multimedia and other content while maintaining a small size and weight that fits comfortably in your hand. It also boasts a broad variety of hardware features including a GPS, digital compass, gravity-sensor, 3.5mm stereo headset jack, a 5 mega-pixel autofocus camera and expandable MicroSD memory. HTC Hero also includes a dedicated Search button that goes beyond basic search, providing you with a more natural, contextual search experience that enables you to search through Twitter, locate people in your contact list, find emails in your inbox or search in any other area in Hero.

Here are specification for HTC Hero :
Processor Qualcomm® MSM7200A™, 528 MHz

Operating System Android™

Memory ROM : 512 MB

RAM : 288 MB

Dimensions (LxWxT) : 112 x 56.2 x 14.35 mm ( 4.41 x 2.21 x 0.57 inches)

Weight : 135 grams ( 4.76 ounces) with battery

Display : 3.2-inch TFT-LCD touch-sensitive screen with 320x480 HVGA resolution

Special Features: G-sensor & Digital Compass


*900/2100 MHz
*Up to 2 Mbps up-link and 7.2 Mbps down-link speeds

Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE:

*850/900/1800/1900 MHz

(Band frequency and data speed are operator dependent.)

Device Control : Trackball with Enter button

GPS : Internal GPS antenna

Connectivity : - Bluetooth® 2.0 with Enhanced Data Rate and A2DP
- Wi-Fi®: IEEE 802.11 b/g
- HTC ExtUSB™ (11-pin mini-USB 2.0 and audio jack in one)
- 3.5 mm audio jack

Camera : 5.0 megapixel color camera with auto focus

Audio supported formats : MP3, AAC(AAC, AAC+, AAC-LC), AMR-NB, WAV, MIDI and Windows Media® Audio 9

Video supported formats : MPEG-4, H.263, H.264 and Windows Media® Video 9

Battery Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery

Capacity: 1350 mAh

Talk time: *Up to 420 minutes for WCDMA
*Up to 470 minutes for GSM

Standby time: *Up to 750 hours for WCDMA
*Up to 440 hours for GSM

(The above are subject to network and phone usage.)
Expansion Slot microSD™ memory card (SD 2.0 compatible)
AC Adapter Voltage range/frequency: 100 ~ 240V AC, 50/60 Hz
DC output: 5V and 1A

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Jacko Overdose Demerol Injection by His Personal Doctor?

Police are searching for the doctor that lived with Michael Jackson and reportedly gave him daily injections of pain killers. Dr. Conrad Robert Murray, Michael Jackson's personal physician, has gone missing and Police impounded the doctor's BMW. There are reports that Police found medication that could be related the the Michael Jackson's Cardiac Arrest. Jackson's autopsy was very closely watched and guarded, and his body has been locked in a special vault awaiting its transfer to his family.


Michael Jackson's personal doctor, who Police are searching for, has been named. Conrad Robert Murray is the doctor that has been reportedly giving Michael Jackson daily injections of painkillers. There are reports that Michael Jackson received a shot of Demoral, aproximately and hour before his cardiac arrest.


The doctor's car was towed from Jackson's home Thursday and impounded, authorities said.

The car may contain "medications pertinent to the investigation" into Jackson's death, said detective Agustin Villanueva of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Police did not release the doctor's name.

Public records show the car is registered to a Texas woman who is an associate of a cardiologist. The cardiologist is licensed in California and Texas and also has an office in Las Vegas, Nevada.


There are speculations that Michael Jackson died from an overdose of Demerol. TMZ is reporting the Michael Jackson's Family has said that he received a shot of Demerol at 11:30am an hour before he was hospitalized.



3 Days Zoo Mystery

3 Days: Zoo Mystery finds five of the world`s most unique animals stolen! Help Anna track down and return these rare animals to her uncle`s zoo. The ultra-picky zoo inspectors are on their way, so you will only have three days to solve this mystery and save the zoo. This Hidden Object Adventure game is full of challenging minigames and dark secrets. Will you be able to capture the crook and save the family zoo?

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Supermarket Mania

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Mario Forever 4

Description: Play Mario Forever Game and help super Mario defeat King Koopa aka Bowser and win back the kidnapped Princess Toadstool, watch out for the piranha plants and jump on baddies to squash em. Super Mario Forever is really a classic Mario remake. Once again you strap on your wrench and hardhat and guide the chubby plumber through many skillfully made levels. The diversity of the levels is very impressive. You will have to get through levels ranging from underwater caverns to levels filled with hot lava.

Category: Action.
Size: 22MB.
Requirements: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server

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King of Pop, Michael Jackson dead of a HeartAttack!

Singer Michael Jackson, a child Motown sensation who grew into a moonwalking megastar, died in Los Angeles today, a county coroner said.

Jackson, 50, suffered an apparent heart attack at his Bel-Air home and was rushed to UCLA Medical Center around 3:30 p.m. Eastern time. His death was confirmed by Assistant Chief Ed Winter of the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office. Hospital officials were expected to make an announcement shortly.

In a career spanning four decades, the entertainer sold millions of records, earning worldwide adoration in the 1980s. Later he came to be regarded as one of show business's legendary oddities, hopping from one public relations crisis to another.

Quincy Jones, the composer who often collaborated on projects with Jackson, said he was devastated. "I've lost my little brother today, and part of my soul has gone with him," Jones said.

As news spread, a large crowd gathered outside the hospital awaiting word on the performer who had sold 750 million albums, was twice inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and received 14 Grammy Awards, including one for lifetime achievement. People snapped photos and called friends.

One fan, Seth Casteel, 28, brought a boombox to play Jackson's music outside the hospital. "People love Michael Jackson," Casteel said. "He touched so many people over the years."

In the Washington area, Dana Bullitt, 35, stood in the pop-rock aisle of the Fye music store in Wheaton tonight, looking for Jackson's albums. Fans had already made a run on the nearby Best Buy and bought up all of his CDs, she said. Upon hearing that Jackson died, "I cried, and I cried and I cried," said Bullitt, of Silver Spring.

Jackson was planning to appear in a sold-out series of concerts in London next month that would have run until March. Promoters of the concerts had recently said that the singer had passed a physical examination to assauge any doubts he was ready for a comeback.

His death was the top news story in Britain, leading all the online news sites and television broadcasts. Self-proclaimed psychic Uri Geller, a close friend of Jackson's, told Sky News in London that the "anticipation of this mammoth challenge that was coming up upon him doing these 50 concerts, wanting to be close to perfection, when he was going to be on stage put him under huge, huge pressure -- that could have been it."

Alan Light, former editor of Vibe and Spin magazines, said, "It's almost impossible to overstate the impact he had on popular music and popular culture." . . . He really defined what the music video could be. He was the ultimate crossover figure, bringing black music and rock-and-roll together."

For all his many successes as a child and young man, Jackson's later life devolved into a series of tabloid headlines, bizarre plastic surgeries, and more courtroom appearances than hit songs. After he was acquited of child molestation charges in 2005, Jackson has led an increasingly reclusive life. He traveled the world with his three children, and the family's whereabouts were rarely known, as they jumped from hotels to rental homes around the world. His Neverland ranch north of Santa Barbara, Calif., is no longer the scene of private amusement fairs for needy children. He narrowly avoided having many of his belongings from the ranch sold at auction this year.

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Pet Fun House

Pets Fun House *NEW DASH* games from series “Running a pet store” Now the goal is “can you compete with the “Big Dogs” in this race to be the best?” Try your luck and speed in Pets Fun House today!

Breed baby animals and nurture their growth inside an amusing pet shop. As a boutique owner, you must work hard while maintaining a great sense of humor. Raise eight kinds of animals to make healthy, vivacious pets for loving owners. Buy appropriate items for particular breeds and work to unlock all items in the shop`s interior. Check the pet sales report frequently to be a smart business owner, and build the Pets Fun House empire.

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* OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
* CPU: 600 Mhz
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* DirectX: 6.0
* Hard Drive: 75 MB

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Farrah Fawcett, Sex symbol and Actress, dies in Santa Monica

Los Angeles – The 1970s did not lack for sex symbols. That, the ubiquitous Farrah Fawcett poster made sure of.

Fawcett, the feather-haired founding member of TV's Charlie's Angels and pinup icon whose second act was marked by bids to showcase her acting chops and whose third act was marred by on- and offscreen problems, died this morning at a Los Angeles-area hospital, some two-and-a-half years after being diagnosed with anal cancer. She was 62.

The actress passed away at 9:28 a.m. Ryan O'Neal, Fawcett's longtime leading man, and friend Alana Stewart were with her at St. John's Health Center in Santa Monica, per a rep at Rogers & Cowan, Fawcett's publicity firm.

In an interview to air tonight on 20/20, O'Neal said he'd recently proposed to the ailing Fawcett, and that she'd accepted. The Love Story actor sounded certain the longtime unmarrieds would—finally—tie the knot.

"We will, as soon as she can say yes," O'Neal said. "Maybe we can just nod her head."

They never made it.

Fawcett, who in recent months had stopped receiving cancer treatment, talked frankly about her battle in Farrah's Story, a raw, camcorder-shot documentary that aired in May on NBC.

"I know that everyone will die eventually, but I do not want to die of this disease," Fawcett said in the film.

"I want to stay alive."

Becoming an Angel

Even alongside Kate Jackson's smart Sabrina Duncan and Jaclyn Smith's beautiful Kelly Garrett, Fawcett stood out as sunny, sun-tinged private-detective Jill Munroe on Charlie's Angels.

Born Feb. 2, 1947, in Corpus Christi, Texas, Fawcett moved to Hollywood in the late 1960s and found the town a pushover for her breathy twang. She began landing bit TV parts and lathering up football hero Joe Namath with shaving cream for a commercial.

While Fawcett stood out, she wasn't yet a star.

That would change—and change quickly—with producer Aaron Spelling's uncanny mix of feminism and jiggle. Within two months of Charlie's Angels' Sept. 22, 1976, premiere, Time magazine declared Jackson, Smith and Fawcett: "TV's Super Women."

On a show that sold sex, nobody sold more of it than Fawcett. Especially in poster shops.

"Nipples. It was the first time people had been exposed to nipples," the late Jay Bernstein once told Britain's Channel 4. "Hundreds of thousands of men had their first sexual experience with Farrah Fawcett. She just wasn't there."

The poster went on to sell a reported and reputedly record 12 million copies, one of which was launched into orbit by an appreciative NASA.

Fawcett, known during the height of her 1970s fame as Farrah Fawcett-Majors, from her then marriage to Six Million Dollar Man star Lee Majors, secured her exit from Charlie's Angels after only one season (although producers obliged her to return for a handful of episodes through 1980). Fawcett sought more money, bigger projects and, ultimately, respect.

"I became famous almost before I had a craft," Fawcett told the New York Times in 1986. "I didn't study drama at school. I was an art major. Suddenly, when I was doing Charlie's Angels, I was getting all this fan mail, and I didn't really know why. I don't think anybody else did, either."

Victories and Defeats

Fawcett's initial post-Angels projects were duds—the sci-fi clunker Saturn 3, among them.

A turning point in Fawcett's career came in 1984, when she earned an Emmy nomination, and finally respect, as the battered wife in The Burning Bed. She went on to rate two more Emmy nods, one for the 1989 TV-movie Small Sacrifices and one for a 2001 guest appearance on The Guardian. She garnered Oscar buzz for playing a revenge-seeking rape victim in the 1986 film Extremities, a project she first tackled off-Broadway.

The 1990s was a tough decade personally and professionally for Fawcett. Her brand of TV-movies died. Her attempt at a sitcom, Good Sports, didn't take. Her relationship with O'Neal seemed over.

In 1997, Fawcett put in a loopy, trainwreck of an appearance on David Letterman's Late Show. In 1998, she reluctantly, and tearfully, took the stand in the trial of director James Orr, who was convicted of a misdemeanor charge of beating his Man of the House leading lady.

If anything, Fawcett's Playboy pictorial was the highlight of the period. Age 48 and sans a red—or any other kind of—bathing suit, Fawcett posed nude and brought Hugh Hefner's empire its best-selling issue of the decade.

In 2006, Fawcett reunited with Jackson and Smith at the Primetime Emmy Awards for a tribute to Spelling, who'd died earlier that summer.

"The three of us didn't experience the Charlie's Angels phenomenon like the rest of the world did," a tearful Fawcett told the audience. "We experienced it from the inside—the eye of that televised storm—together."

The Fight

Just weeks after the Emmys, in October 2006, Fawcett was diagnosed with cancer. She was declared cancer-free in early 2007, just before her 60th birthday, only to have a new cancer diagnosis a few months later.

"I am resolutely strong, and I am determined to bite the bullet and fight the fight," Fawcett said after her initial 2006 diagnosis.

Fawcett seemed to battle the tabloid press as much as her disease. She and her reps seethed at headlines, dating back to 2006, that declared: "Farrah Begs: Let Me Die!" Much as with Chasing Farrah, Fawcett sought to control her story by producing a documentary on her cancer fight.

Last year, Fawcett's battle took her to Germany, where she underwent treatment before returning to Los Angeles and being admitted to a Los Angeles hospital in early April. While some reports at the time described Fawcett's condition as grave, her doctor said the actress was being treated for bleeding unrelated to the cancer. And while Fawcett headed home on April 10, there was not much to celebrate: Her doctor also noted the cancer had spread to her liver.

Fawcett was married to Majors from 1973-82. Although she announced her split from Ryan O'Neal in 1997, the two were an on-again, off-again couple since about 1982.

The couple never seemed more on-again than when Fawcett took ill.

"In the last two years, I loved her more than I've ever loved her—ever," O'Neal told Today this year.

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Archos 9 mini tablet PC with Windows 7 OS

Archos has announced the Archos 9 mini tablet PC, which comes with a 9 inch LCD screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600.

The Archos 9 features an Intel Atom Z515 processor, 1GB of RAM, built in 802.11 b/g WiFi, a 1.3 megapixel camera, VGA out, and the option for 3G connectivity and a DVB TV tuner.

Following up its lacklustre Archos 10 netbook, the French PMP maker has decided 9-inch tablet computers running a full-blown Windows 7 installation is the way forward. And we've got to admit, that's new.

The grammatically questionable Archos 9 pctablet is powered by an Intel Atom Z515 CPU, coupled with up to 120GB of hard-disk storage and Wi-Fi. With built-in DVB-T antennas it should pick up and record UK Freeview TV no problem. A 12-inch version will launch in 2010, but this 9-inch model goes in sale in the UK in the autumn, with prices still to be announced.

The important question is why would you want a tablet? The Archos 7 is essentially a tablet, but Archos pulled it off by giving it a media-centric custom OS built to be used on a touchscreen, and it worked well. Our own PC editor Rory Reid claims using tablets is essentially "like using a disabled PC", which while arguably true, isn't very PC at all*. But we shall not judge until we use.

Also announced at a recent Archos event in France was the Archos 10s and 13s netbook/mini PC/laptop models. The 10s is a thin little 10.2-inch netbook, running Windows XP atop an Intel Atom 1.6GHz chip, 1GB of RAM, an 80GB hard disk, with either a questionably low-capacity three-cell battery, or a slightly better six-cell option. A bunch of free software comes pre-loaded for you to have immediate fun uninstalling upon purchase, and while all very average in netbook terms, will probably bode well with the patriotic types in France.

The Archos 13s is more interesting. It's a 13.3-inch ultra-portable, powered by Intel's 'Ultra Low Voltage' Celeron CPU, which should offer decent battery performance over many 13.3-inch models. It's got the latest Wi-Fi technology (802.11n), an LED-backlit screen, HDMI output and 160GB of hard disk space. It's also an impressive 27mm thick. The Archos 9 will run Windows 7, and comes with a 120GB hard drive, it will go on sale in October for around $700.

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Transformers are Back !!

Wow, Just check My FB and see so many people tweet about Transformers 2 : Revenge of The Fallen. Yes, correct The Transformers are back this week though the OST Transformers 2 already released months ago.

In this Movie we'll see 30 more robots than last time. 6 minutes longer. Megan Fox gets top billing on the imdb cast list. And it will probably take more money in America than any other movie this year. What movie will make the summer box office hit? I think, we can say this would be one of the great movie with extraordinary, hi-tech and so many gadget. reports more than 1,000 sellouts as of 6 p.m. Eastern, including 600 midnight screenings. The movie currently accounts for 93 percent of tickets sold at Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has moved to No. 20 on’s list of Top 25 pre-sellers of all time, passing “Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” and “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” among others.

Blockbuster Combo "Transformers" And "Harry Potter" may beat out last year's "Dark Knight" and break $4.2 B record revenue. It Just My 2 Cents. Before watch in cinema, kindly read interview with the stars and these critics :

Here’s what the movie critics are saying -

Screen Daily -

…at 149 minutes, it drags. …But there’s a certain sense of fun here which is sadly lacking in other summer blockbuster fare. …Bay’s amusing take on suburbia sees all the girls look like they’re on a rest break from a pole-dancing club. …The locations are terrific.

Hollywood Reporter -

“…more of the same… …Its intelligence is at the level of the simple-minded… Characters and comedy are in short supply in a plot that’s basically an Indiana Jones-style search for a buried treasure, in this case a 1,000-year-old matrix. …Fan boys will no doubt love it.”

Variety -

“…little seems new compared to the first installment, except that this version is longer, louder… …The sheer amount of ripping steel, exploding mechanical parts and mutating vehicles of all shapes and sizes is something to behold. Industrial Light & Magic handle these sequences superbly. …also includes a shot of John Turturro in a G-string.”

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen currently holds an 39% rating on Rotten Tomatoes from 36 reviews, compared to 57% for the first Transformers.

Transformers 2 Cast and Crew Interview (Fox, Bay, Tyrese, Duhamel, Rodriguez)

Classy Michael Bay. Last Friday they held a press conference for Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen with Director Michael Bay fresh off a plane from Moscow and cast members Megan Fox, Tyrese Gibson, Josh Duhamel, Kevin Dunn, and Ramon Rodriguez.

There was some definite tension in the air between the actors and Bay. Megan Fox certainly didn’t have any issues with negating her Director, even though she was trying to be a good, supportive actress and promote the film and her co-star Shia LaBeouf who wasn’t able to attend. She and some of the other cast members did reveal that for the most part, they were treating this film like a summer action film, with tequila shots at Chili’s after the 16 hour (or 12 hours if you listen to Bay) days to let off steam.

Check out what they had to bicker about below…

Megan, it’s been great to see your rise to stardom from the first movie. From your perspective what’s changed for you since the first Transformers?

Megan Fox: I mean, I think the movie, it’s success and how well it was received opened a lot of doors for me—career wise—and I’ve been able to be a part of some films that I don’t really feel that I deserve to have been a part of and that’s due greatly and in part solely to the success of Transformers. Like I just did Jonah Hex with Josh Brolin and Michael Fassbender and John Malkovich. Actors don’tjust get this kind of opportunities and for me to have that is a huge blessing and that’s because of the success of this movie.

Anything in your daily life?

Fox: Sure, I mean, you know, getting photographed at Whole Foods or like, coming out of Rite Aid with your shampoo bottles and stuff, that’s new for me, but that’s not that crazy, you acclimate to that pretty quickly.

What did you think about how much skin they wanted you to show? Did you ever have any issues with the outfits?

Fox: Yeah, I have those moments one a daily basis, but I don’t have much of a say in the process of picking those outfits like. I remember Mike was like auditioning Ramon and some of the other characters and there’s just a room full of men upstairs in his office and I was—

Michael Bay: Two guys.

Megan Fox: —no, it was Shia, Ramon, and two other actors and you, and I had to like come up and down and knock on the door and try on all my wardrobe and I had like 18 different outfits and it was like white jean shorts, and pink belly shirt, and like motorcycle boots, and we went through like a whole thing and Mike was selecting them in the process of auditioning him—

Bay: It’s called multitasking

Fox: —right, well but I had no say, but he, clearly he has an eye for what should and should not be in the movie so I just trust him.

Bay: It’s called summer fun—it’s a robot movie.

Kevin, Do you feel like your character shares the father roles over san with Optimus?

Kevin Dunn: Well as far as I know he was conceived by myself, I don’t think Optimus got in there, but—laughs—I mean, I guess there’s a parallel in the script, but he needs the guidance of Optimus but he doesn’t always listen to his dad, he’s your average teen, but yeah there’s a paternal aspect to both characters, sure.

Michael I want you to tell me how, what was in here especially for the ladies when it comes to your movie?

Bay: Well I think the first one—what was interesting about the first one it’s got relationships between the parents and the kids and Kevin is actually playing my father, and that’s very much how my parents were growing up and making the movie accessible to everyone was the humor in it, and I think that’s how you make it accessible to everyone it’s not just a fan boy movie. Most women cone in on the humor—they’re a lot of young women that say, “I just want to see robots kicking ass,” I’ve heard that before. And I think the relationship between Shia and Megan.

Josh Duhamel: Tyrese offered to introduce himself in the second movie by doing a shirtless carwash scene on Optimus, but—laughs—Michael didn’t go for it.

Bay: I didn’t, yeah.

Tyrese: Thanks, Josh.

The IMAX version of the film is 2 hours and 20 minutes, does it have more than the non-Imax? Are there additional IMAX scenes?

Bay: It has, I think probably about a minute more of footage, it’s got some more fighting footage, it took place in the forest, expeditional stuff with the devastator. I have not seen it in Imax, how did it look?

What was the most favorite or memorable experience working with members of the military?

Fox: I think just in general I was really pleasantly surprised with them. They’re all extremely chivalrous and very respectful, clearly because they’re disciplined and their so much better behaved than the rest of the cast is—laughs—including myself though. They listen and take direction really well and we’re all just fucking off. It adds authenticity to the movie, you know, Michael, you consult with the military on everything to make it authentic and to make it real and it’s also—I enjoyed being able to walk unto set and there was 100 real soldiers as opposing to walking on its 100 actors from Orange County or L.A. in fatigues, it was just overall a very pleasant experience for me and I have an immense amount of respect for the soldiers and for our troops.

If you could talk a little bit of the preparation in terms of military training, for this film and the first film.

Tyrese: I would say that the first go around was so much more intense than the second because we kind of went into it not knowing too much of nothing about the Air Force, the military, Navy Seals, and for me, I didn’t know the difference between goals and responsibilities each one of the soldiers and the categories of soldiers. I worked closely with someone called a CCT, which is a Combat Controller because I have to have dialogue to communicate with all of the aircraft and so that dialogue is very difficult and with Michael’s overseeing the dialogue we got to make sure that we cater to the real authentic dialogue of the air force, but yet create a balance of making sure the common folks who don’t understand that language could understand it too, so it was a bit of a challenge especially with all of these explosions and stuff going on around—a little challenge.

Josh: Yeah, the first one we had a few days or preparation and the second time we just sort of jumped into it. I was in New York and just sort of had a bit of a refresher course, but their military advisors—Harry Humphries is out there, there’s a number of people from all facets of the military and I think that we both took a lot of pride in trying to make—trying to represent the military’s as closely as we could. I’ve got a lot of friends in the military, and aunt over in Iraq so that was my main focus was to try and represent them well and make them proud. And if we didn’t, they would let us know, believe me.

Tyrese and Josh, what were some of your favorite memories in making the movie?

Tyrese: I would say compared to even the first one, I think our roles were so much more serious this time than the first round because there is so many moments comedic wise throughout the film and I guess the outcome was Michael wanted us to kind of a play little more serious to kind of raise the stakes and the pressure of what’s really going on, which was fun. I enjoy doing the funny stuff to try to create a balance, but I just overall had fun with the experience and we all vibe and were laughing and having big parties and good energy on the set, you know because there’s so much pressure on the set and you know Michael runs a real tight shift, keeps everybody on edge, everybody’s full-throttle like “Look man, if I don’t do a party I’m going to go crazy right now,” you feel me? I tried to keep everybody, everybody, the crew, the cast, everybody having fun while we were working.

Josh: Yeah, he took the night shift—laughs—I guess the most fun I had was the scene getting to the—you know in the last answer I said I would try to be as accurate, if I could, and my favorite scene in the movie was throwing the national security advisor off the train, but that’s the most fun I had, it was a fun scene to do and there was a nice full stunt involved, yeah that was probably my most memorable, that or the giant bomb that went off.

Tyrese: Yeah

Megan: One thousand gallons

Josh: Yeah

Tyrese: One Thousand; we Made history. The biggest explosion—practical explosion in the history of filmmaking—

Fox: But Michael holds the other record; you hold both records don’t you? Ok, let’s not talk about that, sorry.

Bay: Let’s not talk about that. (Pause) That’s the world record—the history of world records.

Michael I’m curious of the characters of the twins; they said you had a lot of input in deciding to add them, is that true?

Bay: Well I wanted two kind-of younger transformers, but with those two guys we used the guy that plays sponge bob and another actor, and what’s interesting when you work with voice actors is—especially with the twins—they did a lot of improv for their parts. We liked their improv and from there we would animate to their stuff and when you do character animation it’s—when you’re building a character—it’s not like an actor where you shoot the scene and you’ve got it and you move on—with character animation shoot, edit the dialogue, you work with the animators, and then a little bit more of the dialogue and keep going back and forth. I just wanted something that would appeal to younger kids and I seemed to really gravitate to those two characters. It’s like The Little Engine That Could with the devastator scene.

Megan, how do you react when you see your image in the big IMAX screen and how do you like your character to be the sex symbol in the movie?

Fox: I haven’t seen the movie in IMAX and I just first saw it a few days ago when we were in London, and I usually don’t watch myself like I don’t watch playback, I don’t look at still photos, I have a phobia of it, but I forced myself to—I basically shot an entire glass of champagne through the sitting of it and I was really pleasantly surprised and I—like half way through was sort of overcome genuine emotion and I wanted to hug Michael because I had gratitude for him for making this movie, like its so far surpassed my expectations and I think—you know the character is sexy, but women in general, in movies are sexy and especially in Michael’s movies. He knows how to make movies that get people in the theater, if that’s part of it, if that’s part of the formula then—

Bay: But if you look at the movie we’ve got that first shot right out of the way, just to get it out for the young boys and move on, okay?

Fox: Right.

Josh: That’s why you should consider that scene with Tyrese washing Optimus.

Bay: Yeah, I know. The rest of the movie with her is not about sexy, you know.

Of all the actors—there’s a lot of physical acting, there’s got to be injuries…

Kevin: Michael wanted to get this long shot of FDM coming around and then seeing Sam and running and then getting a big beefalo guy special agent guy tackling me and throwing me on the ground. So he talked me into it and the whole secret was that I had to get my feet to land and we did it quite a few times.

Bay: We did it three times.

Kevin: Yeah, and the last time I didn’t get my feet down and—

Bay: That’s the take we used.

Kevin: And you’ll see that mistake and it was his shoulder and my sciatic nerve in the sand.

Ramon: I popped a shoulder which was a lot of fun on the day of the save scene.

Bay: What you popped a shoulder?

Ramon Rodriguez: Oh, yeah bro.

Bay: You see you never told me that.

Rodriguez: I didn’t want to get you worried.

Bay: You want to sue me?

Rodriguez: No. So we where shooting the devastator scene where there sucking all the sand and I had to hold on to this pole and Michael Bay thought it would be really great to bring out two fans that blow 10 miles per hour each and put it right in front of my face so I had sand (one word?) blowing in my face and I had two guys behind me with wires attached to my ankles pulling me, not enough we need cars flipping over my head, so two cars I literally had attached to a hydraulic crane flip inches above my head and so the guys were yanking the cables on my ankles and yet on one of the takes my shoulder popped out and we continued rolling because—that was probably the shot you used and thank you.

Now that you’ve seen the Transformers, but it easier this time for you to interact with them or was it still a hard acting job?

Fox: No, it was definitely easier because we have seen them at this point, you know, we’ve seen Optimus and we’ve heard his voice and we know how he moves and it’s the same with all of the robots and once you’re able to visualize somethings presence it’s a lot easier to sort of fake—interact with it and I think those scenes are—I think their some of the easiest scenes to shoot, I enjoy them because you sort of—we’ve gotten good at being able to synchronize and pick an eye line and you basically scream your dialogue at it and you avoid the area where you know it is. I enjoy those scenes; we end up usually doing a ton of takes because you know because it needs to be specific, the light needs to be right and they need to be able to add it in and make it look the way that they do, but it wasn’t that difficult this time around.

Michael the shot from the aircraft, is that real footage that you shot?

Bay: In terms of stock footage, I don’t like using stock footage so all that stuff is shot by us, we had incredible access from the military, it was very rare, all those planes of shooting it, they flew 100 feet over out set at a times—there were 16 pilots doing a mission and we timed their mission when we wanted them to come over our set four times and were setting up live explosions down below .

Ramon, it’s great to see a Hispanic actor in the film, how much improvisation were you allowed to do in Spanish?

Rodriguez: You know luckily Michael was really into improv, you know, if you have cool ideas—I started realizing during the process that if he laughed at something it meant it was pretty good, I guess as an audience he’s really good at that. As a director, he’s kind of like the audience member, but yeah we improv’d a lot of scenes and he let me throw in some Spanish in there and say things like “Leonardo De Ponce.” I got to create this fun name, and yeah it was cool.

The film deals with technology, how up to date are you with everything? So any of you twitter?

Bay: Well, I don’t know what Twitter is.

Megan: Neither do I by the way, I don’t have a Twitter page so—

Tyrese: I love Twitter

Megan: He’s the only one that has a Twitter.

Tyrese: I took the fans on the world tour, to all 6, 7 countries we went to, took pictures of all the historical places and Roma and Amsterdam and I took all of them on tour with me. I told them pull out your passports, I’m taking you on tour with
Twitter, I love it—

What do you like about it? Is it the immediacy with the fans?

Tyrese: Oh, yeah it’s the instant gratification of posting a picture of us just hanging out somewhere just doing something on all of these different moments throughout these countries and the fans are like whoa! You know, they get to see these images and things that they wouldn’t be able to see unless you sent them on your twitter. So I love it.

Josh: Which is why people don’t hang with Tyrese because you don’t want to take embarrassing pictures—laughs—here’s me with tequila on my forehead.

It’s interesting that you note President Obama instead of having a fictional president you talk about—what lead you to that decision?

Bay: Remember it is summer fun by the way. Secondly, the Obama thing came about because I was walking in a Vegas airport and he was walking by himself carrying his bag and his hanging bag over his shoulder, this was after I’d just seen him at the beginning of his campaign and we were walking side by side and I said, “Hey I saw you and I liked what you had to say the other night, I really liked hearing your stuff,” and I introduced myself, and he said “What do you do,” and I said, “I’m a director,” and he says “of what movies,” and I said, “Ah, these movies,” and he said, “Oh you’re a big ass director,”—laughs—he said, “I’ve seen a bunch of your movies,” so that’s why I decided to put him in.

Did he really say big-ass?

Bay: Yeah, he really did.

Tyrese: Josh is very involved in politics by the way, the whole time we were filming he did not miss one speech, the polls, anything, we had so many conversations in the car on the way to the set about the whole campaign, I learned a lot Josh, you’re the greatest.

Josh: That what I’m there for. I was just worried after throwing him off the plane I might get audited.

How do you stay in shape for your role?

Megan: I know in New Mexico, I think what all of us did after a hard day of work was go drink at Chili’s—

Bay: It’s the only restaurant there.

Megan: We drank a lot and to stay in shape, I didn’t find the time or I didn’t have the motivation to work out after we would shoot a 16 hour day so whatever happens to me at work—

Bay: We don’t shoot 16s, we shoot 12s—

Megan: Mike no, that’s not possible, everyday. Okay we shot 12-hour days. (Bay keeps saying, “We shoot 12, we shoot 12.”) Well after 12 hours I was too tired to work out so I didn’t really maintain much.

Josh: Days are physical!

Megan: How do you do it Josh Duhamel, you specimen of a human being? (Laughs)

Josh: Well Megan. Honestly you’re out there literally sweating all day long and you don’t have a lot of energy—

Tyrese: Running in the sand too—

Josh: Yes, running in the sand. Tyrese and I worked out a little bit—

Megan: Together?

Josh: More of a personal competition—yeah. He would spot me, and I would spot him, what’s the big deal?

Tyrese: That’s don’t sound too good. [Laughs]

Josh: Honestly, I remember before we started the first one Michael told me, you know, come ready, be in shape, I demand a lot of my male actors especially in these movies so I did, you know, just tried to be as strong, ready to go as I could.

Tyrese: We worked out twice a day though. We worked out before we went to the set and after we went to the set, we would come an get our five miles in.

Josh: I never ran 5 miles.

Tyrese: 3.

Josh: It doesn’t matter.

I think you did a great job incorporating Shia’s hand injury into filming. How was that effective?

Bay: Well I actually read it on CNN online and I’m like this can’t be true and I called my line producer Ian Bryce and he goes, “It’s true.” And I’m like, “Oh my god.” And he goes, “let’s shut down,” and I go, “we can’t shut down.” Because when you’ve got a train going, it’s so expensive to have a picture like this shut down. We had an action scene in the library that day, we were shooting on Monday and I said, “Let’s just go for it, just not stop, let’s use Flad the stunt man and try to cover as much stuff as we can,” and then on Tuesday we shut down, we had to mix and match everything that we—you know pulling from different scenes that we could shoot without him—we didn’t know how long he was going to be down and immediately I had them find the best people in the world to make a special caste that had never been made with Kevlar fingers, very thin, so you can photograph it. The problem was if he were to jam his fingers he could loose his fingers forever so we had some experts of the world kind of come up with this design and we were very lucky because we had shot a lot of the beginning of the movie so we were right in a turning point were we could kind of—

Megan: Everyone’s also very lucky for Shia’s level of commitment to this movie because he showed up with his injury and acted as though he didn’t have an injury and still went balls to the wall and completely committed and did things that were not safe for him to do, but he wanted this movie to be as real as possible so I think that helped out everyone a lot.

Bay: Yeah, we’d have arguments, he would take his cast off and I said, “No put your cast on,” and he goes, “No, I’m fine,” and I said, “Put your cast back on,” it was like—you were trying to protect the hand.

Josh: Remember when he cut his eye and he wanted to go back to work that day?

Bay: Oh yeah.

Do you think any of you would work with the department of defense if there was another opportunity?

Josh: I would, I mean, they were great to work with—I think that a great question, Michael has a great relationship with them.

Bay: I would only do it if I could control an aircraft carrier—laughs.

Kevin: Yeah, you get so much information and their so ready to tell you about everything that they’re doing. It’s just great—

Bay: They are a special breed, they’re very impressive. They really are.

Tyrese: The aircraft carrier stuff is one of a kind. Getting there was very unsafe, but yet safe and leaving—the same thing. But, I mean we did a big party on the boat, it was 5,600 people in the middle of the water on this boat—

Bay: What Tyrese is saying, it’s not unsafe, it’s just when they greet you, a flight attendant would say, “Okay here’s the door exists on your right blah blah blah,” They go, “Okay, if were going to have a water landing and I’m dead someone needs to pull this cord right here,” It’s one of those greetings. It’s down to the point, “And if you pull your cord you will die!”

Check out the film in theaters this Wednesday, June 24th.

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The International (2009)

In The International, Interpol Agent Louis Salinger and Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Eleanor Whitman are determined to bring to justice one of the world’s most powerful banks. Uncovering illegal activities including money laundering, arms trading, and the destabilization of governments, Salinger and Whitman’s investigation takes them from Berlin to Milan to New York and to Istanbul. Finding themselves in a high-stakes chase across the globe, their relentless tenacity puts their own lives at risk as the bank will stop at nothing – even murder – to continue financing terror and war.

Movie Info :

FORMAT ]:……………………[ Matroska
GENRE ]:……………………[ Crime | Thriller
FILE SIZE ]:………………..[ 400 MiB
QUALITY ]:………………..[ DVD RIP
RESOLUTION ]:……………….[ 720 x 288
FRAME RATE ]:……………….[ 233.976 fps
LANGUAGE ]:………………..[ English
RELEASE RUNTIME ]:…………..[ 01:52:00

Screenshot (Click Thumbnail to see full size image)
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Marley and Me (2009)

After their wedding, newspaper writers John and Jennifer Grogan move to Florida. In an attempt to stall Jennifer's "biological clock", John gives her a puppy. While the puppy Marley grows into a 100 pound dog, he loses none of his puppy energy or rambunctiousness. Meanwhile, Marley gains no self-discipline. Marley's antics give John rich material for his newspaper column. As the Grogans mature and have children of their own, Marley continues to test everyone's patience by acting like the world's most impulsive dog.

Movie Info :

FORMAT ]:……………………[ Matroska
GENRE ]:……………………[ Comedy | Drama | Family | Romance
FILE SIZE ]:………………..[ 400 MiB
QUALITY ]:………………..[ DVD RIP
RESOLUTION ]:……………….[ 640 x 272
FRAME RATE ]:……………….[ 23.976 fps
LANGUAGE ]:………………..[ English
RELEASE RUNTIME ]:…………..[ 01:53:00

Screenshot (Click Thumbnail to see full size image)
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Pink Panther 2 (2009)

After having been rewarded for solving the mystery of the Pink Panther Diamond (in the previous film, _Pink Panther, The (2006)_ ), inspector Jacques Clouseau has been assigned to minor tasks by his boss inspector Dreyfus so as not to have him in his way anymore. Unfortunately, the famous diamond has once again been stolen as have many other artifacts in a series of burglaries around the world. His past success will enable inspector Clouseau to be part of the dream team comprised of the greatest detectives of the affected countries, where he will be able to display his numerous talents across the world.

Movie info :

[FORMAT]:…………………..[ Matroska
[GENRE]:……………………[ Adventure | Comedy | Mystery
[FILE SIZE]:………………..[ 350 MiB
[RESOLUTION]:……………….[ 720 x 384
[FRAME RATE]:……………….[ 23.976 fps
[LANGUAGE ]:………………..[ English
[RELEASE RUNTIME]:…………..[ 01:27:45

Screenshot (Click Thumbnail to see full size image)

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Valkyrie (2009)

In Nazi Germany during World War II, as the tide turned in favor of The Allies, a cadre of senior German officers and politicians desperately plot to topple the Nazi regime before the nation is crushed in a near-inevitable defeat. To this end, Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, an Army officer convinced he must save Germany from Hitler, is recruited to mastermind a real plan. To do so, he arranges for the internal emergency measure, Operation: Valkyrie, to be changed to enable his fellows to seize control of Berlin after the assassination of the Fuhrer. However, even as the plan is put into action, a combination of bad luck and human failings conspire on their own to create a tragedy that would prolong the greater one gripping Europe.

Movie Info :

FORMAT ]:……………………[ Matroska
GENRE ]:……………………[ History | Thriller | War
QUALITY]:……………………[ DVD RIP x264
FILE SIZE ]:………………..[ 399 MiB
RESOLUTION ]:……………….[ 640 x 336
FRAME RATE ]:……………….[ 23.976 fps
LANGUAGE ]:………………..[ English
ORIGINAL RUNTIME ]:………….[ 02:00:32

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Can USA beat Spain ??

It's unbelieveable when we watched Brazil routs Italy in last game of group play last Sunday. The World Cup Championship beaten by Brazil 3-0 in Confederations Cup. Everything went right for the United States in the last round of Confederations Cup group play, both in its own game against Egypt and with other results that gave the team an unexpected passage through to the semifinals.

Against Spain, the stars will have to align even more for Bob Bradley's men to stand any hope against the reigning European champion. Here are a few steps the Americans can take to slightly increase the chances of what looks to be an impossible task.

1. Play Freddy Adu.

Banging the Adu drum won't do any good. Bradley simply isn't going to play him until he gets more regular club action under his belt. However, it should be remembered that the 20-year-old caused the Spanish a few concerns in a 1-0 friendly defeat in Santander last year, as Adu made an impact with his pace and imagination.

2. Hold your own in midfield.

Spain's plan will be built upon its magnificent midfield of Xavi, Cesc Fabregas and Xabi Alonso. That trio will be charged with controlling the game and setting up countless chances for the strike force of Fernando Torres and David Villa. USA midfielders Michael Bradley and Ricardo Clark must get physical and knock their awesome opponent off their stride or else the Americans will be completely overrun.

3. Take every chance.

Spain did not concede a single goal during its romp through Group A, seeing off New Zealand 5-0, Iraq 1-0 and South Africa 2-0. The U.S. faces a huge challenge in breaching that backline, but in any game, one or two chances should arise. That may be slim pickings, but failing to capitalize on any half-chances that come the USA's way could lead to a painful night.

4. Get lucky.

One thing is guaranteed in this game: Spain is going to move the ball at speed and stretch the USA defense whenever possible. Opportunities will certainly occur, and Torres and Villa are among the best in the world when it comes to finishing them off. Off-days for either of those sensational players are extremely rare, but Bradley's team sure could use one.

5. Hope the Spanish team bus gets lost on the way to the stadium.

Could be a long shot with this one, but with the unpredictable South African road system, who knows?

source :

Top 30 World Modern Rock Singles - 3rd week of June '09 (Updated Regularly)

Due to avoid many links broken, now i merged all the songs in 1 package.

Just 2 rapidshare's links (Please see in the bottom of this post)

1. Linkin Park - New Divide
Download here

2. Green Day - Know Your Enemy
download here

3. Shinedown - The Sound Of Madness
Download here

4. 311 - Hey You
download here

5. Epica - Chasing The Dragon
download here

6. Silversun Pickups - Panic Switch
download here

7. Kings Of Leon - Use Somebody
download here

8. Seether - Careless Whisper
download here

9. My Chemical Romance - Desolation Row
download here

10. Saving Abel - Drowning (Face Down)
download here

11. Hinder - Up All Night
download here

12. Dave Matthews Band - Funny The Way It Is
download here

13. Saliva - How Could You?
download here

14. Halestorm - I Get Off
download here

15. Taking Back Sunday - Sink Into Me
download here

16. Papa Roach - Lifeline
download here

17. Metallica - All Nightmare Long (New)
Download here

18. Staind - All I Want
download here

19. Incubus - Black Heart Inertia
download here

20. Green Day "21 Guns"

21. Hoobastank - So Close, So Far
download here

22. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero
download here

23. Paramore - Decode
download here

24. Franz Ferdinand - No You Girls
download here

25. Veer Union - Seasons
download here

26. Mudvayne - Scarlet Letters
Download here

27. Nickelback - Burn It To The Ground
Download here

28. Cage The Elephant "Ain't No Rest For The Wicked"

29. Mama Kin - Superman
download here

30. Rancid - Last One To Die
download here

Download links in 1 Package:

Please report if links are broken..Happy download :)

source list :

He’s Just not That Into You (2009)

Ken Kwapis' adaptation of Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo's best-selling self-help book He's Just Not That Into You follows the love lives of a dozen or so characters. Ginnifer Goodwin stars as Gigi, a young women attempting to understand the mixed signals she gets from the men she's dating. She gets advice from a bar owner (Justin Long) who prides himself on understanding the ins and outs of the dating scene. Gigi's co-worker Janine (Jennifer Connelly) finds herself involved in a major redecorating project with her husband, Ben (Bradley Cooper). Unbeknownst to Janine, Ben contemplates an affair with Anna (Scarlett Johansson), an attractive woman trying to make a career as a singer. Another of Gigi's friends at work, Beth (Jennifer Aniston), enjoys a successful, healthy relationship with Neil (Ben Affleck), but storm clouds hover over them as he has no interest in getting married. Kris Kristofferson co-stars as Beth's father.

Movie Info :

FORMAT ]:……………………[ Matroska
GENRE ]:……………………[ Comedy | Drama | Romance
FILE SIZE ]:………………..[ 450 MiB
QUALITY ]:………………..[ DVD SCR
RESOLUTION ]:……………….[ 640 x 272
FRAME RATE ]:……………….[ 25.000 fps
LANGUAGE ]:………………..[ English
RELEASE RUNTIME ]:…………..[ 01:57:23

Screenshot (Click Thumbnail to see full size image)
Download Links

No password and remember to use HJSplit(pro) to join the files above.
download hjsplitpro here

Please comment if links are broken..Happy Download

Juniper Networks Ranked Among World's Best in Online Support for Fourth Consecutive Year

Company Inducted Into the ASP Web Support Hall of Fame for Outstanding Performance and Innovation in Online Service and Support.

SUNNYVALE, Calif., June 22, 2009 — Juniper Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: JNPR), the leader in high-performance networking, today announced that the Juniper Networks Global Customer Support Web site, the Customer Support Center (CSC), has been recognized for the fourth consecutive year as one of the "Ten Best Web Support Sites" of 2009 by the Association of Support Professionals (ASP). This prestigious award showcases excellence in online service and support. In addition, Juniper was also named to the ASP's Web Support Hall of Fame, which honors sites that have been named among the "Ten Best Web Support Sites" for at least four years.

The award winners were selected by a panel of judges with expertise in Web support design and implementation, using a scoring system based on 25 separate performance criteria. The evaluation process considers overall usability, design, and navigation; knowledgebase and search implementation; interactive features; customer experience; and how companies addressed a major site development challenge.

The 10 winning sites will be profiled in a book titled, "The Ten Best Web Support Sites of 2009," which will be published by the ASP in July 2009.

"Juniper has shown a rare commitment to continuous web improvement, even after developing a site that most companies would consider already world-class," said Jeffrey Tarter, executive director, ASP. "This ongoing improvement is reflected in the fact that Juniper has won the Top Ten awards from ASP for the last four consecutive years."

"Thousands of Juniper Networks customers log into our online Customer Support Center for assistance each and every day," said Brad Kashani, senior vice president, Worldwide Customer Services, Juniper Networks. "Our desire is to reach our valued customers wherever they are, while enabling them to find the support information, answers, and tools that they need, the first time, using their preferred channel of communication. It's an honor to have the ASP recognize our work again in 2009 in creating a compelling online support experience, and the award further validates our position as one of the true global leaders in customer services and support."

The CSC is a component of Juniper Networks J-Care Technical Services and provides self-support tools, technical documentation, and other valuable information to aid customers of all sizes in proactively preventing problems and optimizing network operations. Juniper's comprehensive and award-winning J-Care Technical Services combines traditional support with the power of automation and personalized service. Juniper also offers a variety of consulting, installation and configuration services as well as education and training programs. Learn more at

The ASP is an international membership organization for customer support managers and professionals. In addition to its annual "Ten Best" awards, the ASP publishes research reports on a wide range of support topics, including support compensation, services marketing, and fee-based support.

source :


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