Obama looking at a girl?

A picture is worth 1,000 words. Those 1,000 words might just be wrong.

A photo of Barack Obama allegedly ogling a 17-year-old girl, junior delegate to the G8 in Italy, has caused quite the stir online in the last 48 hours.

Here's the image in question, in case you have not seen it. Looks a lot like the U.S. President (and French chief exec Nicolas Sarkozy) are enjoying the view, no?

'Obama looking at a girl' photo causing a buzz. Are pictures always what they seem?

A photo taken of Obama appears to show him checking out a girl's butt. France's President Nicolas Sarkozy appears to be smirking in the picture. The photo of Obama checking out a girl looks bad, but things are not always what they seem. Fox news anchor Greta Van Susteren looked at the video from when the photo was taken. According to Greta, Obama is not checking out the girls butt as the picture leads us to believe.

The girl is question is Mayora Tavares from Brazil. Taveres is reportedly 16 years old. When the picture was taken the junior delegates were lining up to take pictures with the G8 leaders. Mayora Tavares is a junior G-8 delegate from Brazil.

The video below shows the picture of "Obama checking out a girl's butt".
What do you think Obama could have been looking at? Was he worried the girl was going to trip while walking?

Wanna see the video, simply Click here

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