10 Must Read Travel Tips

Here are the usual reminders now that summer is definitely here and some of you may already be in the destination of your choice. For those who are still making up their minds, last minute, here are some tips, which can come handy now or next summer:

1) bring all basic medicines (for colds and headaches, allergies, first aid items like antiseptic swabs, band aid strips, etc.) and your vitamins

2) be mindful of the customs of the place you will be in (never wear revealing clothes in a Muslim country and ladies’ legs must be covered in Middle Eastern countries)

3) ask or observe before you enter temples or places of worship (you may have to leave your shoes before entering or wash your hands and face or wear a veil for women)

4) check when is the best time to visit a certain place (late March to mid April is cherry blossom time in Japan and the better places to be are Osaka and Kyoto to imbibe the serenity amidst the beauty of nature)

5) research as to what are the must-buy or must-eat or must- do in the destination of choice(steaming hot clam chowder soup in sourdough bread is a must-eat in Fisherman’s Wharf of San Francisco, the softest leather coat is a must-buy in Turkey or in Rome, if Turkey is not in the itinerary, kidney and steak pie is a must-eat in London, delft blue porcelain items are must-buys in Amsterdam and so are the loose diamonds there)

6) stay away from crowded places, as much as possible, as these can be sources of diseases (even just catching a cold) and danger zones for pickpockets

7) check out what are the freebies in the destination of choice – the parks are beautiful and free for the public to enjoy with even some free concerts or theater productions during summer or a movie (like in Central Park, New York)

8) be sure to have a good sun block lotion at all times as the sun is a very wicked source of inconvenience when you least want it

9) be sure to have a travel umbrella in your bag as the weather can be unpredictable; if you are traveling to a nearby country, the sun can be as fierce as here, so the umbrella will come in handy at noon time

10) if the luggage space will allow it, bring a bathing suit, just in case your friends may invite you to a beach picnic or a barbeque at the swimming pool

Let me stop at 10 reminders for you to be ready for your trip. Those will suffice. You may even take out one or two items that you find not necessary, in your case. Anyway, you are the arbiter of your fun time. No matter where or when and with whom, you are the one who can make your vacation a fun experience…not the place nor would the people make it so for you.
Happy Travelling !

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