Facebook suspends two Holocaust-denial groups

Under pressure from activists, Facebook has disabled two of five pages dedicated to Holocaust-denial groups.

Barry Schnitt, a spokesman for the social-networking site, confirmed the removal in an e-mail to CNET’s Technically Incorrect.

“Two of the groups have been disabled, but the other three remain,” Schnitt wrote. “We are monitoring these groups and if the discussion among members degrades to the point of promoting hate or violence, despite whatever disclaimer the group description provides, we will take them down. This has happened in the past, especially when controversial groups are publicized.”

One of the most vocal supporters for the pages’ removal has been Brian Cuban, a Texas attorney and brother of Dallas Mavericks team owner Mark Cuban.

Brian Cuban and others have argued that the Holocaust-denial pages violate Facebook’s terms of service, which prohibits content that is hateful.

While Cuban said it’s great that two of the pages have been suspended, he said Facebook’s actions do not go far enough. “It misses the crux of the dispute, which is a fundamental difference in the belief of what Holocasut Denial represents,” he said.

“Facebook sees Holocaust Denial as an unpopular, even rupugnant history theory,” Cuban wrote in an e-mail to CNN. “I see Holocaust Denial as a mantra of hate against Jews, and therefore no group should be tolerated. Facebook should not be picking and choosing who they think hates Jews and who does not. All the groups should go.”

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