Married with the person you love? or Loving the person who married you?

One time my friend asks me:

"Bobo, if there are 2 options for you.

1. Married with the person you love?
2. Loving the person who married you

Which one you select?

At that time, I choose a spontaneous
Two: Loving the person who married you (marry me).


Hhmmm ... yes, why?

Due to the match is certain, although it is still a mystery for people who do not find it yet. In the other hand love is a different matter. Love someone when there are no rights over it, like holding coals. If God was assistants make a life, the warmth that will blossom energy to create a beautiful togetherness. However, if God does not integrate well, it will be burning coals, and can so up ‘em.

More than that, it's the second option more secure from various heart diseases, which can be draggling intention sacred marriage as God.

That's my answer at that time. But, some moment after that, I have been pensive, trying to think more into deep of my heart. Then, I also forward the question to what my other.

And he answers it with the same me. However, I doubt the answer is above, is so?

The first choice, with a married man
I love, drain energy and enthusiasm to achieve something to be longed for the heart. And of course it is a very fun can be side by side with people who loved, do not hesitate announce it to the public, expression it not ashamed, because Love is legal already.

The second option, for people whom i married, hhmm ... accepts fate. Ah no, I translated into the form of gratitude to Him. For what God has chosen for us, it is certainly the best. That why we are not grateful it with to seek the love and care it.

If not at this time my love someone (although I have no rights over it), it does not grow casually? There are times, there are things and there are events that make I Love Him/Her. Then, why do things that can not grow to those who have God chosen for me?

But, again, how the first fun if that be the choice, married with the person you love, as a married Fatimah with Ali, as a married Khadijah with Muhammad SAW. However, if the God choose the other person, then the second option is not the case that not fun. No that is impossible. For the love should be attempted.

How about you? What will you choose;
Married with the person you love? or Loving the person who married you?

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