Five Secret About Love..Hmmmm

Did you know some facts about love? Experts believe love is good. Love makes you stay healthy, happy, and wrinkle-free in the face. What other secret love?
Following are ten facts about the love that can give positive influence to the family and friends.

1. Love is like Chocolate

There are several reasons why the new is never bored with a partner: I have a feeling such as sexual chemistry. Fall in love will stimulate the pleasure center in the brain and increase the production of dopamine, a chemical substance determines delicious taste that cause taste addicted.

This is as well as eating chocolate in which difficult for someone to eat only chocolate piece only. Excite dopamine is part of the chemical substances that stimulate your mood and increase energy and enhance the ability to focus your mind on the pair.
Something new also stimulates dopamine. So, you can improve your passion to change the position of the bed or set the room back atmosphere, try sex positions that have not been done so far. Including ordering Thai food is not Chinese food as you do for this.

2. "He/She’s the One!"

Did you know him the right person for couples living? Research shows, in instinct, sense through smell, a woman can know the right man for him and can give a husband and offspring.

That makes you interested in a man is pheromone hormone, which is a unique chemical substance produced by sex hormones. Women have a better ability in detecting pheromone during ovulation where sense of smell is being increased. If you like what you smell, your passion and estrogen also increase.

3. Marriage will make you Crazy, isn’t it?

Don’t care about the words of the people that make marriage headaches, tiring, and its only just bicker. Research proves, married thus improve mental health and reduces depression.

People who have never married are more likely a depression. Many women feel the satisfaction and happy relationship in matrimony. Feelings of each other have to make someone feel valuable, useful, and this is clearly making a stable psychosis.

4. Father’s Love is Very Influent

When you say there is no more startling than to see a father hold the baby or child with loving, when a father hold arm of their children with love, you’re correct. The father is clearly a strong stream hormone to their children.
This can be seen both in humans and in animals. Testosterone level, hormone decreases aggression, but the hormone levels of relationship oxytocin and vasopresin increased and stimulate sense of closeness. Embrace the biological advantage, reduce stress, heart disease, high blood pressure and stimulate the immune system that they embrace or be embraced.

5. Sex Make Us Ageless

People who do have sex 4-5 times a week will look 10 years younger than those who only have sex 2 times a week. Research shows, testosterone out at orgasm help men maintain a mass of his muscles. Whereas for women, during the hormone estrogen to make sex more luminous hair and skin more smooth, which is a discrete youth.

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