Musician Reunion in 15th Gigi’s Birthday

JAKARTA - It's so long since the last album 'Angan' in August 1994, Gigi remain intact. This band still exists despite 15 years of work.

Birthdays Gigi-15 to the fall in the March 22, celebrated on Tuesday (31/3/2009) by 15 renowned musicians. Only a Lusy Rahmawati, Roselle Nava, Ariel 'Peterpan', Kaka 'Slank,' Bams' Samsons', Afgan, David 'naive', Bunga Citra Lestari, Andi / Rif, Fadly 'Padi', Tria 'Changcuters', bell' Nidji, 'Pasha' Purple '.

With strain Tohpati Big Band music, one at a musician sings songs Gigi. It’s Arrangement by Tohpati back in the match with the character of each vocalist.

Like Tria 'Chancuters' carries with slick track, entitled women with Gigi wave rock and roll. He invites audiences successfully straddle-jump up and down. In addition, Kaka 'Slank' make hysterical with sings song ‘Hinakah’ with naked chest.

Interestingly, besides the vocalist sing songs Gigi, the event back this year also become a place reunion with the initial formation of the Gigi or who have become part of the Gigi. Ronald Fristianto namely, Budhy Haryono, Opet Alatas and Aria are now membidani Baron Baron soulmate.

They all integrates in one stage sing songs in the album 'The World' entitled A Promise as cover of celebration of Gigi’s Birthday. The night before is a rare moment that can truly unite again as they stood at the beginning of the Gigi, 22 March 1994.

Baron quit from Gigi due continuing his study Communication Art in the United States in September 1995, followed by Ronald Fristianto and Thomas ramdhan quits in November 1996. Thomas returned to the Gigi after recovery from drug dependence. They all have great contribution in the Gigi to make coloring and special characteristics.

Gigi is a long reflection of the age for other bands that dare to break in the market with a sense of art, taste and copyrighted extraordinary works, does not participate in follow-up taste-only market with a group to see the band successful and such a body must also. Indeed, it will only provide short-term achievement. Bravo Gigi.

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